Religious Freedom


After 120 Years of Service UK Catholic Adoption Agency Forced to Close Doors Over Forced Gay Adoptions-"MANCHESTER, England, June 6, 2008 ( - The Catholic Children's Rescue Service, in the Diocese of Salford, has become the first Catholic adoption agency in the country to stop finding new homes for children because of the Government's new homosexual equality laws."

Britain's Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor Will Defy Law Forcing Homosexual Adoption-"The Westminster Catholic Children's Society, founded in 1764 and whose current president is Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, will continue its policy of placing children only with married heterosexuals and single people, in defiance of the British government's homosexual equality laws...Saying that British law surrounding the Sexual Orientation Regulations was "untested" and any legal action against the adoption agency would have an "uncertain outcome," Addison concluded, "The Church may not win, but if Catholic agencies are to be closed and deprived of their right to provide these services, let that be done - and be seen to be done - by the Government and not by the Church."

Christian registrar seeks conscience exemption-"The tribunal is currently hearing the case of Lillian Ladele, a Christian registrar who is asking her employer, Islington Council, to exempt her from registering same-sex unions."-Video BBC London news report.

Christians Accused of Hate Crime-"Cunningham says the officer said "'…that you're not allowed to preach the Gospel here. That this is Muslim area'. He said 'you guys are committing a hate crime with what you're doing. I'm going to have to call you in and take you in,' and then he took his radio and said something like 'there's a hate crime in progress here. I need assistance.'"

Government is sidelining Christianity, says C of E-"Gordon Brown's Government is discriminating against Christianity in favour of other religions, says an official Church of England report....Following news that two Christians in the Alum Rock area of Birmingham were told by police officers: "you can't preach here, this is a Muslim area", Rod Liddle wrote in the Spectator that evangelical Christians have become "the most vigorously persecuted and least protected" group in the country...The report, which has been endorsed by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York"

Ten arguments against a 'homophobic hatred' law-"This law confuses disagreement with hatred. Free speech involves the freedom to disagree with others but this proposed law could classify disagreement as hatred. Reasonable statements of Christian belief are often characterised as 'hatred' by people who strongly disagree with them. In a democratic society people should be free to express disagreement without fear of censure from the state."

Free speech victory over 'homosexual hatred' law-"The Government backed down last night and allowed a free speech protection to be written into its proposed 'homophobic hatred' law. The decision came after the Government was defeated for a second time in the House of Lords. Peers voted 178 to 164 in favour of the protection yesterday evening.... This marks the end of a lengthy battle to make clear that the new criminal offence should not interfere with free speech or religious liberty."


MP reported to police over “gay” comments-"It is not the first time that complaints to the police have been used to target those who express opposition to homosexual conduct. In 2003 the Anglican Bishop of Chester who was investigated by police because he gave an interview to his local paper pointing to research showing that some homosexuals had changed to heterosexuality.
In 2005 Police questioned the family-values campaigner, Lynette Burrows, after she expressed the view on BBC Radio 5 Live that homosexual men may not be suitable for raising children. In 2006 Sir Iqbal Sacranie, then head of the Muslim Council of Britain, was investigated by police after he said on BBC Radio 4's PM Programme that the practice of homosexuality is not acceptable. None of these investigations resulted in any charges. In December 2006 Lancashire police settled out of court with a pensioner couple who had been investigated by officers because they criticised their local council's 'gay rights' policy. The police admitted their actions were wrong and changed their policies to take more account of religious liberty and free speech."


Belgian bishop hauled before court for church teaching on homosexuality cleared of charges-"Monsignor André-Mutien Léonard, Bishop of Namur, was charged with homophobia under the pretext of the country's 2003 Anti-Discrimination Act."


Ministry fined for firing homosexual employee-"Christian Horizons is an evangelical ministry in Ontario that has cared for more than 1,400 people with developmental disabilities in 180 group homes. The group requires all employees to sign a contract agreeing to abstain from all sexual immorality, including homosexuality. When Christian Horizons fired a female employee who became involved with another woman, she complained to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, which fined the ministry $23,000 and two years back pay"-Click here for actual Decision in case.

What could Mark Steyn's punishment look like? Look at Alberta-"It could look like this order, issued just last week by Alberta's human rights commission, against a Christian pastor named Rev. Stephen Boission. (The substantive ruling against Rev. Boissoin can be found here. See paragraph 357 where the right not to be offended "trumps the freedom of speech afforded in the Charter." And see a thoughtful response by the former executive director of the gay rights lobby, EGALE, here.)" "June 8, 2008. I will never apologize regardless of the consequences and I will not pay fines unless failing to do so prevents my ability to appeal.......I stand by what I said and how I said it. I stand by MY context and interpretation of it. I publicly declare that I do not hate homosexuals and further declare that I love God and regardless how I too stumble through this life, I believe that His teachings are true, relevant and worthy of proclamation, again, regardless of the consequences. As hard as this last week has been "I publicly praise God for giving me the convictions that put me in this troubling position." I would rather be here and suffering tenfold worse than to be one that does not know or trust in HIM!!! To all who pray for me, for us and support our freedom, thank-you and blessings to you all. Stephen Boissoin"



Good News: Brazilian Mom Rejects Doctors' Advice to Abort-"Some medical professionals claim babies with that condition cannot live outside the womb. Today, Marcela is healthy and responds to family members. “It is not right to be so cruel as to kill that small and innocent child,” Ferreira told “Little Marcela came into the world to touch our hearts and to show us the true meaning of life." Nearly 95 percent of babies who are missing part of their brain are aborted, according to the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University."


Good News: Operation Saves Legs of Preborn Baby-"Stories like this one confirm the humanity of preborn children and bring us face-to-face with the atrocity of abortion. As medical technology continues to advance in prenatal surgeries, it will be increasingly difficult to justify abortion — at any stage of development."


Canadian city backpedals on decision to censor pro-life bus-shelter ads-"The ads, which were part of a nation-wide pro-life campaign coordinated by Life Canada, depicted a pregnant woman. At the top of the ad were the words, "Nine months: the length of time abortion is allowed in Canada. No medical reason needed." At the bottom of the ad is the question, "Abortion, have we gone too far?"

Canada Supreme Court Backs Pro-Life Nurse in Abortion-Free Speech Case-"The Supreme Court of Canada has sided with a pro-life nurse who was disciplined by the Saskatchewan Association of Licensed Practical Nurses for protesting outside an abortion business. Bill Whatcott lost his nursing license in January 2005 when he was found guilty of unprofessional conduct.Whatcott had demonstrated in front of Planned Parenthood abortion centers in 2002 and 2003 and was falsely accused of intimidating staff and patients there."

Human Rights Complaint Forces College to Permit Pro-Life Group Official Club Status-"The Heartbeat Club filed a Human Rights complaint against the Capilano Students' Union. The Club and the CSU have entered into a settlement agreement which is confidential. The parties agree that there is no admission of liability by the CSU and that the Heartbeat Club will be entitled to CSU club status if they apply."

Canadian pro-lifers join in largest-ever march on Parliament-"The day's events began with a Protestant prayer service and a Catholic Mass, the latter held at Notre Dame Basilica and celebrated by Ottawa Archbishop Terrence Prendergast. The archbishop also later attended and walked in the March. The basilica, which can hold a capacity crowd of 1,200, was packed to the point where not only were all the seats filled, but even standing room gave out and people had to be turned away from the church."


British mum overjoyed miracle baby survived abortion-"LONDON - A British baby has now become a cause célèbre for his mother and pro-life advocates in the United Kingdom for miraculously defying twin death sentences from abortion and genetics."


South Africa: We Won’t Give Condoms to Kids - Cape Teachers-"they are encouraging teachers to advocate abstinence."

South Africa Residents Strongly Oppose Abortion New Poll Shows-"A previous poll the Pew Research firm conducted in October 2006 showed residents of African nations were extremely pro-life. The poll asked respondents whether they believed abortion was always justified, sometimes justified, or never justified. People living in Kenya broke down into a 0/11/88 percentage split on those categories, Nigeria citizens opposed abortion by a 1/4/94 percentage margin and South African residents opposed abortion on a 8/16/73 percentage split."