But then she scores a victory after much immediate media attention.

First the victory from LifeSiteNews.com and then a report before the victory from CBNNews.com with link to BBC interview...

Victory for Christian Nurse Facing Sack for Offering to Pray for Patient

WESTON, U.K. February 6, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Caroline Petrie, the nurse from Weston-super-Mare who was suspended without pay for asking a patient whether she would like to be prayed for, was reinstated by North Somerset Primary Care Trust last night.

The dramatic turn-around by North Somerset Primary Care Trust comes days after extensive media coverage and news reports which revealed that Mrs. Petrie, a born again Christian and mother of two, was suspended after her employers discovered that she had asked a patient whether she would like to be prayed for.

Petrie has explained that she was not “forcing” her religious beliefs on anyone, but that, "I was just trying to let a patient know that I was thinking of them.

"It was just my way of saying 'get well soon'."

Although the patient in question said she was not offended, the incident was reported and Mrs. Petrie was told that she could face disciplinary action. Last week Mrs. Petrie attended a disciplinary hearing on the basis that she had failed to demonstrate a “personal and professional commitment to equality and diversity” by offering to pray for the patient.

North Somerset Primary Care Trust, in a statement issued yesterday evening, said that they recognized that Mrs. Petrie had been acting in the "best interests of her patients" and that nurses did not have to "set aside their faith" in the workplace, and could "continue to offer high quality care for patients while remaining committed to their beliefs."

The Trust also said that for some people, prayer is recognized as an "integral part of health care and the healing process." The Trust has contacted Mrs. Petrie with the result of its decision and she will be returning to work in the near future.

Leading religious liberties barrister Paul Diamond advised Mrs. Petrie and The Christian Legal Centre supported her throughout the case. Andrea Williams, director of the Christian Legal Centre, said: "This is a great victory for Mrs. Petrie, and for common sense. Today's decision highlights the importance of being able to take personal faith into the workplace rather than being forced to leave it at the door for fear of being silenced by equality and diversity policies."

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British Nurse Suspended for Offering Prayer

A British nurse has been suspended and could lose her job for offering to pray for one of her patients.

Caroline Petrie, a home-care nurse of 25 years from Somerset, England says she didn't actually pray because the patient refused the offer.

Her employer then suspended her without pay, saying she failed to demonstrate "personal and professional commitment to equality and diversity."

Click here to watch Petrie's comments on the incident to the BBC.

Petrie has been a Christian for 35 years and said she considers each patient as a person having more than just physical needs.

"I saw my patients suffering and as I believe in the power of prayer, I began asking them if they wanted me to pray for them," Petrie said.

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A spokesman for North Somerset Primary Care Trust said they would investigate the matter.

"We are always keen to be respectful of our patients' views and sensitivity as well as those of our staff," he said.

Petrie said she was shocked by her job suspension.

"First of all, I hadn't upset the patient. And also, I didn't feel there was harm in asking a question. It's not forcing my Christian faith on my patients," Petrie told the BBC.

She has sought legal advice from the Christian Legal Centre.

Andrea Williams, the founder and director of the Christian Legal Centre, said Petrie's case is a major concern.

'It is of huge concern that Christian citizens, whose desire is to do their jobs well, are increasingly being silenced and pushed out of the 'public square' because of Equality and Diversity Policies," she said. "It is extraordinary, that these policies which purport to ensure tolerance are ushering in a new form of censorship and intolerance which should concern us all."

The Christian Legal Centre has backed various legal claims of religious discrimination.

The outcome of the investigation will be made known next week.

Source: BBC News, Christian Legal Centre"