In case anyone reads this that has had an abortion please do see the Testimony of Roe of Roe vs Wade and many other testimonies at Testimonies. Here is a recent article of a testimony I found at in an article with links called Glamour Mag Abortion Stories Point to Need for More Recovery Groups.

Juda's Story

Thank you for speaking up for people like me. Yes I was conceived when 8 men raped my mom. Her comment when I finally met her 3 yrs ago(at 48yrs old) was "I couldn't kill a kitten or a puppy, how could I kill an innocent baby?" She knew it wasn't my fault. She is my hero! And now responsible for 4 other humans living- my 2 sons, my grandson and now one other on the way! People shouldn't play God in that they determine who lives and who dies. Having forgiven those men my mother was able to live her life freely. There are many other "rape" stories but because the children are small these stories don't come out. Mothers want to protect themselves and their children. Or because of the stigma involved people fear rejection. I am secure in who I am. God chose a horrible situation to show how powerful He is to change things.I personally know one girl raped by her father and gave birth to a beautiful boy. She is actively involved in his life and the adopted parents are secure enough to agree. Now that's real life and freedom. (yes her father is in jail) I hope people rethink their thinking about life! My book Hostile Conception Living With Purpose can help at www.juda4praise.comThank you for commenting, Juda. I'm going to add your site to our blogrolls at and

Juda wrote this to us in the combox of this post, in which another woman, "birthmom", a rape victim herself who kept her child, spoke up.

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If anyone wants to tell us their story--of either not choosing abortion after rape, OR of being regretful that you did--BUT ANONYMOUSLY, you could email me, Annie B., and we would only publish what you wanted published, without names, or with changed names and other identifying details changed or omitted to protect your identity. OR we won't publish a thing, sometimes you just need to get it off your chest and tell someone even anonymously in an email with no names. We have a long track record of receiving and respecting such requests. [TO EMAIL ME, go to this page, then link to my main AfterAbortion blog, and the email is encrypted at the top right of AfterAbortion's sidebar.]

Sometimes it helps just to be heard, even if anonymously.

And any political, opinion-oriented, or inappropriate or snarky or remotely offbase comments to these "personal-story" posts will be deleted and the commenters banned immediately. If you do not have SOLELY a kind or compassionate word for such women who speak up against abortion after rape, you don't belong here and you certainly will not get a public forum here. Deal with it."