So our democrat lead government wants to do more of the below at our tax payers expense. Not only will we Americans be funding abortions (American Tax Payers are funding abortions in the US, globally and now in our nation's capital. It gets worse. Tax payer funded abortion litigation!!). But now we will be funding programs and contraceptives that increase them. Also, see: YouTube video of first Plan B over the counter commercial in the UK and 7 out of 10 students in survey say they use it cause of unprotected sex... reports in an article titled Fact: Pro-Choice Equals Pro-Abortion, Contraception Doesn't Reduce Abortions that:


"The news out of England also again dispels the long-held myth that promoting contraception and birth control reduces the number of abortions.

According to the London Daily Mail teen pregnancy rates in England are now higher than they were in 1995 and pregnancies among girls under 16, below the age of sexual consent, are also at the highest level since 1998.

That is despite the British government spending £300 million (that's over $454 million for those of us in the United States) in an attempt to cut the number of teen pregnancies in half by promoting comprehensive sexual education."

Not only that but the head of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service says, "The fact that teenagers felt able to end their pregnancy in abortion is actually a positive sign," she said."


Also, in the states some are just as proud of the increase in abortions in the US. "US News & World Report contributing editor and PBS television show host Bonne Erbe came under fire for her celebration of abortion increases in light of the sour economy. Erbe celebrated the fact that women are turning to abortions who believe they can't afford to have a baby.

"The media have also been rife with stories portraying this trend as something of a tragedy," she continues. "Let me propose a counter view: it is not."

"Planned Parenthood of Western Washington shows abortions are on the rise in Washington state even though it participated in Washington state’s Take Charge pilot program.

Mary Emanuel, who runs the web site Abortion in Washington, studied the report and also found that the abortion increase occurred despite sales of over 106,000 emergency contraception kits to Planned Parenthood customers.

Taxpayers are supposed to be saving money and there are supposed to be fewer abortions but with this program we are seeing the exact opposite," she said.


"Last year, officials in Sweden reported that the number of abortions increased 17 percent in Sweden from 2000 to 2007 despite sales of the morning after pill increasing during the same time period."


"Meanwhile, last year the number of abortions in Scotland rose for the third straight year despite a heavy push for women to use the morning after pill."

Not only is the increased promoting of the morning after pill resulting in more abortions, not less, the number of women having repeat abortions is increasing as well." reports "A 2006 study published in Sleep, the official journal of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies, found that women who experienced abortion were more likely to be treated for sleep disorders or disturbances compared to women who gave birth....

In a 2004 study of American and Russian women who had abortions:
• 65% of American women reported multiple symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, which they linked to their abortions,
• Over 14% reported all the symptoms necessary for a clinical diagnosis of abortion-induced PTSD,
• 30% reported nightmares, and
• 23% reported sleeping disorders that they attributed to their abortions.2
In the book Forbidden Grief, author and therapist Dr. Theresa Burke notes that nightmares and insomnia a commonly reported among women after abortion. She writes: "When the conscious mind sleeps, the defense mechanisms in charge of repelling unwanted thoughts are relaxed. This is why intrusive thoughts related to a suppressed trauma often arise in the form of dreams or nightmares."

Othere studies have found that women with a history of abortion are subsequently at increased risk for depression, generalized anxiety disorder, substance abuse, suicidal tendencies, psychiatric hospitalization, and other problems.

This research points to a need for health care providers to regularly inquire about prior pregnancy loss, as identification of unresolved grief and trauma issues may improve treatment of sleep disorders, anxiety, and other psychiatric problems after abortion.

More research is also available at Find studies, contribute information on new studies, and read articles and commentary on important issues."