has these interesting recent articles. does a great job in reporting on socially conservative issues around the world. Here are two recent ones.

In the first article reports that in Scotland a City Council admits that mistakes have been made in a case where two children were placed with two homosexual men instead of their own grandparents. Not only that but the Council is denying visitation of their own grandchildren because of their anti-gay stance.

Secondly, Chile's students are being indoctrinated with anti-christian and pro-homosexual booklets at the expense of Spain's socialist province of Extremadura (which is the poorest in Spain and has the most government officials per 1,000 people).

Students are taught on page 18 "Sin is a religious concept that is usually based on the Bible, a text that doesn't conclude anything about [homosexuality],".

"On page 12 of the booklet, students are shown a graph of the supposedly declining "understanding" of homosexuality historically, which begins on a high level in ancient Greece, and falls to a low level during the 12th to 17th centuries during the "Catholic Inquisition".

On page 13 it then begins to rise again as the American Psychiatric Association and World Health Organization cease to classify homosexual orientation as a disorder.

On page 16 students are informed that "religions" that "consider homosexuality to be a sin" are "discriminatory" against homosexuals."