Yesterday was posted this post at: Many videos of TEA Parties moving to townhall meetings and now protesting ObamaCare?. This post may explain why the protests and concerns and why many continue to equate the public option to a step in the direction of universal health care which is very unpopular and why many believe the government is pushing in that direction with this reform even though the public option is not universal health care.

Now to get you in on some of the debate over health care reform and why many oppose Obama's plan besides the issue of tax payer funded abortions and benefits for elderly and so forth via the proposed public option plan lets start with John Stossel's segment on 20/20. Do get to the end of this post and watch all the videos and the administration's response thus far on the issue and why this response is only going to fuel the protests even more.

Now lets head to the internet where some videos of Obama's prior speeches concerning universal health care have been posted. See the videos below. By the way a single payer system equals universal health care. See Obama's speech as he equates the terms toward end of second video below.

By the way over 500,000 views from 08/02/2009 to 08/04/2009 for above video now on to the next.

To which the White House has recently responded with this video:

If that answer is good enough for some out there then fine but at least be somewhat understanding of those who still are concerned.


1) She never proves the information on the internet is "disinformation".

2) She never proves the illegitimacy of the "scare" tactics

3) She never proves the phrases are "taken out of context" and "put together" to leave "a false impression"

4) She never gave the context that disproved he had these views and may still have them

5) She never answered the question of whether or not Obama's views have changed

6) She never proved how this public option would not eventually lead to government ran universal health care which is the real issue and claim

Really what she is doing is scaring you from those posting legitimate concerns by defaming them sort of speak. She is refuting her own argument by setting up a bad straw man argument for her own position. She is framing the argument in such away as to hide what the real issue is about which is whether or not this public option would lead to universal health care or is a step in that direction.

Thus the above videos produce a legitimate concern over the public option as whether or not it is a step toward universal health care. Tomorrow I will be posting an attempt of how it can lead to universal health care and why some in the above videos think it will.

And lastly President Reagan from 1961 on socialized medicine.