Actually, two weeks ago. See Rush Limbaugh smeared by CNN and MSNBC via wikipedia as MRC demanded proof of the smears giving more reason to protest Big Media on 10/17/2009 and Black Minister demands apology of media and Bozell at Media Research Center says to CNN and MSNBC, "I hope you all have good lawyers."

Rush has a history of being smeared by those on the left and in below related posts are evidence of previous smears: Obama's Web Site Changes without an Apology
Is Obama using smear tactics on "the most listened to radio talk show in America"?
The Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee launches a big time smear campaign against Rush and conservative talk radio...
Diane Sawyer smears Rush. Obama advisor and Democrat strategist slams Palin and Rush.
Video of Rush Limbaugh making some valid points on the credibility of Big Media and alternative media sources.

Update 10/28/2009 12:28 PM

Also, note that recently Rush has criticized his own party concerning a Republican in New York running for office in a district there. See Rush Limbaugh livid: GOP has death wish. Republicans " dangerous to this country as the Democrat Party is...". So for those who say he is only about criticizing democrats and liberals this is not true. Rush is about conservatism and he gets criticized for being a staunch in your face conservative which speaks his mind and has great influence. He will criticize a white politician as much as a black politician if that politician's politics are in his view anti-American which would be anti-conservative. After listening to Rush for sometime it will become quite clear that he would vote for a black conservative President over a white liberal one any day.

If you see Rush in that context (which is a context quite evidenced by years of talk radio) then his comments as a sports commentator concerning Donovan McNabb will give you a proper and full understanding of why Rush said what he said and it had nothing to do with racism. If you see Rush in the context of how the media has falsely portrayed him then you will have a slandered media version of who they want you to see Rush as. All this bad media attention has to do with is defaming and slandering a strong influential conservative American along with those who listen to him so that Americans will ignore what conservative Americans have to say by falsely painting us as racist.

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Tax payers funding free golf carts? Private Jet, airports, unnecessary road sign advertisments for the stimulus package and now this.