Wow!!! Impressive. Unbelievable. Shocked. Don't know what to say. NBC and CBS must be praised for their two recent episodes. Give credit where credit is due.

Before getting to those recent episodes which there are videos of below reports,

"The Washington News Bureau chiefs of NBC, ABC, CBS, and CNN all joined in OPPOSING the White House’s attempt to ban FOX NEWS from interviewing "pay czar" Ken Feinburg.

This is a good thing. Kudos to those 4 Bureau Chiefs!

And this quote from the NEW YORK TIMES!…

"Later that week, White House officials said, they noticed a column by Clark Hoyt, the public editor of The Times, in which Jill Abramson, one of the paper’s two managing editors, described her newsroom’s “insufficient tuned-in-ness to the issues that are dominating Fox News and talk radio.” The Washington Post’s executive editor, Marcus Brauchli, had already expressed similar concerns about his newsroom.

White House officials said comments like those had focused them on a need to make their case that Fox had an ideological bent undercutting its legitimacy as a news organization."

Here is video report from Fox News on White House's recent attacks of Fox News

The below episodes come just after the Big Media protest that occurred on 10/17/2009. Now I would guess that these episodes were probably produced before the protest but none the less maybe they are listening and if they are and even if they are not then the credit that this post gives them is due them either way for these stories.

CBS with a 60 Minutes show titled "Medicare fraud: A $60 billion crime," and then NBC with a positive pro-life slant as woman in court describes a gruesome abortion on Law and Order show titled "Dignity". Also, see $63 million in Medicaid fraud in 5 states alone GAO finds

CBS with 60 minutes as reported at exposed Medicare fraud and asks "can gov't "manage a medical bureaucracy"?

"Will the Obama administration now place CBS in timeout next to Fox until they both learn to propagandize properly?

60 Minutes, Medicaid Fraud, healthcare, Obama.jpgA 60 Minutes story last night did the liberal thrust for nationalized healthcare no favors.

The exposé, "Medicare fraud: A $60 billion crime," investigated what "has become one of, if not the most profitable, crimes in America... push[ing] aside cocaine as the major criminal enterprise."

I knew there was fraud in the Medicare/Medicaid system, but I had no idea of the magnitude.

I was surprised this led correspondent Steve Kroft to the obvious point, "This story may raise your blood pressure, along with some troubling questions about our government's ability to manage a medical bureaucracy." Bingo.

About the 60 Minutes segment, Jim Kouri, a VP of the National Association of Chiefs of Police wrote on

[F]inally a major news organization was asking the right questions regarding the current epidemic of fraud and abuse within the government health care bureaucracy which is a preview of what can be expected once the federal government takes control of Americans' overall health care.... [O]ne can only imagine the amount of corruption that will occur....

Here's the piece...

60 Minutes tried to portray the Obama administration favorably. Attorney General Eric Holder said they had earmarked $200 million to the Medicare fraud division in the stimulus package.

Two problems there. #1, the corruption appears too massive:

Tony, 60 Minutes, Medicare fraud, healthcare, Obama.jpg

But Tony, who has just begun serving his 12 year prison sentence, says there's no shortage of people in Miami waiting to take his place.

Asked how many people in Miami were doing this, Tony said, "I'd say at least 2,000 people. At least 2,000, 3,000 companies."

He estimated that less than 5% of these companies were legitimate.

And that's just Miami. #2: Government bureaucratic intervention will only encourage crooks to become more sophisticated while punishing legitimate companies - and increase the bureaucracy - by forcing them to fill out endlessly more paperwork.

Per MN Public Radio via Kaiser Health News:

Medicare fraud is difficult to find and prosecute without whistleblowers, says MN federal prosecutor Gerald Wilhelm. "'Medicare cases are often what I call the death of a thousand ankle bites,' Wilhelm said. 'Every bad claim is a dollar, but there are a billion bad claims so it's a billion dollars, and so to look at all of those claims is impossible.'" While some cases are obvious, "many cases fall into a gray area that mean second-guessing a physician's decisions." But "[t]he Medicare statute itself prohibits the government from interfering with the practice of medicine. Wilhelm said the question with Medicare is often whether a clinic billed the government for a more complex procedure than it performed or than the patient needed. He said it's like buying a Chevrolet and charging the government for a Cadillac."

And as much as MSM would like to portray Obama as the 1st Enlightened One to attain the presidency, not so fast. Kim Brandt, Medicare's director of program integrity, told Kroft, ""[O]ur primary focus over the past years has been to tighten our enrollment standards to make it so it's much harder for people like that to be able to get in the program, and to be able to commit that kind of fraud."

Well, that "primary focus" hasn't borne any antifraud fruit.

Brandt added, "Well, it really does come down to the size and scope of the Medicare program, and the resources that are dedicated to oversight and anti fraud work."

And the "size and scope" of nationalized healthcare would only be Medicaid on steroids."

And then Jill Stanek has this excellent blog concerning NBC's recent episode of Law and Order at Law & Order's abortion episode: Is pro-life the new gay?

Law & Order logo.jpg"Unable to watch Friday night's "ripped from the headlines" Law & Order episode about the murder of an abortionist in church, I thought I'd view it on the Internet tonight.

Unfortunately, I found NBC does not air full episodes of L&O. I'll have to see if past shows are available on cable t.v.

Meanwhile, pro-life reviews have been favorable, including comments on the post I wrote giving a heads up on the episode. Here's a sample why, a longer clip made available by NBC, where a post-birth partial birth abortion (yes, that's right) is detailed...

Comments from the L&O site:

  • "This episode was one of the most- probably THE most- moving TV I've ever seen. I don't feel you can justify the Dr's. murder, you certainly can understand the emotions. I wish NBC would show FULL shows - not just highlights. I'd love to have the rest of my family."
  • "'Dignity' was the most powerful episode you have done. I am used to seeing pro-lifers marginalized and dismissed as narrow minded religious zealots. This was one of the most fair-minded and even-handed presentations of this critical and persistent legal and moral issue."
  • "Congratulations, NBC. This was a great, thought-provoking episode. Anybody who watched this show experienced new ideas and feelings about abortions, and specifically, late term abortions. The scene that moved me the most was Detective Bernard's statement about how his mother tried to terminate her pregnancy. Her actions, like abortion, would have robbed him of his life, a life of a good man & police officer. The answer is that there is no easy answer. Thanks L&O, we have lots to think about!"
  • Pro-abort reviews most interested me. Did NBC throw them bones, too, as I expected? Apparently not so much. Wrote Kate Harding at the liberal rag Salon...

    Salon, Law & Order, NBC, George Tiller, abortion.jpg

    On Friday night's Law & Order, the abortion debate was represented by 2 separate, yet equally important, groups: The anti-choicers, who believe fetuses' rights trump women's, and the pseudo-pro-choicers, who are conveniently persuaded to agree with them by the end of the episode.

    That sound? It's my head exploding.

    Kind of like a late-term baby being aborted, Kate? Not quite. Read Kate's review for descriptions of more surprising pro-life apologetics in the show, even on minor rape:

    What's up? In a town bent on stirring controversy, does Hollywood now think the pro-life view is in, hot - the new gay?

    Or perhaps NBC is trying to recoup lost mainstream viewers?

    Or most likely, since L&O's previous 2 episodes dealing with abortion slanted way left, this was its attempt at balance?

    Whatever, I'll take it."