Townhallers proving they are better informed on this issue then their congressman.

Watch video below of the dispute.

Watch a new video released proving the claims of the townhallers.

Back in August some YouTube videos were going viral that evidenced forth a plan by many liberals in congress to get America to a single payer health care system via Obama's public option in ObamaCare that was criticized by the Obama administration as "misinformation". Values Voter News posted many of these videos proving that these concerns were unjustly called "misinformation" being credible concerns at New Whitehouse Reality Check web site needs a Reality Check itself. and White House vs those "scaring" the public on ObamaCare over the issue of the public option being a step toward universal health care or not. and then posted most recently Michael Moore: "If a true public option is enacted - and Obama knows this - it will eventually bring about a single payer system".

From above links are these videos below proving further the townhallers are right in having this concern...

Obama in 2003...