Update 11/4/2009: Two other interesting happenings that should be noted along with post below update is: During 40 days for life campaign a Planned Parenthood director watches ultrasound of an abortion and later quits job in early November and Genocide Awareness Project hits liberal University of CA at Berkely with disturbing yet powerful images and comments from October too.

Now back to the original post...

First, the New York Times covers the pro-life movement and abortion photographer back in mid October and then NBC does a POWERFUL episode of Law & Order sympathetic to the pro-life cause a couple of days ago and now CNN has this article that actually allows pro-lifer Troy Newman a say in the article. (See video and links below) . Troy said, "Not a perfect article. But it better than what I thought CNN would do." Not to forget that CNN covered about a million protesters protesting in Spain in support of the unborn (see Video" 1 million prolife protesters in Spain. CNN actually covers it but what about America's annual pro-life protests?).

You will notice that all of these posts Values Voter News found via JillStanek.com (#9 political blog on wikio). A must subscribe to feed or blog to visit daily along with LifeNews.com and LifeSiteNews.com (which are other major sources Values Voter News gets its pro-life news from) for your news from a pro-life perspective. Both of which are in the top 80,000 sites in the world according to Alexa.com. These three sites will keep you well informed as to the pro-life perspective in world news. LifeSiteNews does a great job internationally, LifeNews.com does a great job nationally in the US concerning bills and more and then JillStanek.com does a great job in blogging and posting videos and making arguments and comments in support of the unborn. Not only that but through those three sites you find ample more sites.

So if you believe the unborn should have more coverage and attention then they currently get in the media and wish to be better informed then get subscribing in some form to the above three sites.

Now for the latest article. See CNN article at The abortionist and his No.1 foe below are videos from CNN in YouTube format from JillStanek.com.

Pro-Lifer Troy Newman

Abortionist Leroy Carhart