reports on vandalism at Princeton University by pro-aborts of pro-life display and PA school bans ‘Abortion is not Healthcare’ T-shirt, ADF files suit and the ACLU attacks parental notification in Illinois on abortion procedures for their kids as reports on pro-life protester's picture of Jesus is confiscated in Illinois.

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Welcome all conservative students to Gonzaga University's Manager of events, "almost all stupid people are conservatives"
First Amendment victory for conservative college student in Philadelphia. College rescinds its policy over the case.
Texas A&M rightly concludes that Christian club may remain Christian
UCLA drops unconstitutional threats against internet speech and Minnesota library stops banning religious meetings and charging extra fees...
Conservative and Religious Student Clubs gain two court victories this week and believe it or not court rejects challenge to recitation of the pledge
University of Iowa department of History has no Republicans and College of Law has one but hired 20+ years ago. etc etc see label