Update 10/28/2009 Bozell has this interesting video concerning the recent smears of Rush Limbaugh

This smear is not on some spam email nor is it on the blogosphere or internet where these smears are suppose to stay. This smear is going around at MSNBC and CNN!!! So those who smear the legitimate blogosphere and legitimate emails are the very one's now doing the smearing themselves on their very own networks. See below for why this is a pure smear circulating around on MSNBC and CNN revealing pure liberal media bias. If this quote was quoted on a conservative site and from a conservative book concerning a liberal it would never had gotten air time. See below...

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And below is the most recent attack on Rush and don't miss
March on Big Media pre-events starting tomorrow as web site continues to climb into top 73,000 web sites in the US in only a month...

MRC.org is demanding proof of claims that Rush Limbaugh said, “Slavery built the South. I’m not saying we should bring it back. I’m just saying it had its merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark

Limbaugh responds as reported on WND.com:

"Limbaugh called the statement "outrageous slander" on yesterday's program.

"Slavery – indentured servitude, whatever you want to call it – is abominable, particularly in a free country," he said. "If I had said what they say I said, I would be gone. There would be nobody around."

On today's show, Limbaugh declared, "The idea that somebody could reportedly say, 'Hey! Slavery is great. You know what, it keeps the streets safer at night!' in 1998 and it's only now surfacing?

"I guarantee you the Clinton war room would have been all over it in 1998. This quote sat dormant for 11 years? And all of the sudden it shows up in vengeance in conjunction with a report that I am a minority participant in a bid for the St. Louis Rams?"

MRC.org demands:

“CNN and MSNBC must immediately and publicly source when Limbaugh uttered this phrase. He has unequivocally denied it. Now it is up to the same news media that reported it as fact to prove that it was, indeed, stated.

“The MRC has overnighted letters to senior executives at both cable networks demanding that they take this sourcing seriously and report back to the public. We await their word.

“Either Rush Limbaugh is lying or these networks – willfully or not – are participants in the worst form of character assassination imaginable. They can prove their innocence by documenting this accusation. If they can’t, then they are 100% guilty of character assassination.

“Tomorrow we will go public with their response.”

Here is an update as CNN show back tracks

So where did the quote originate from. Check this out. From MRC.org post titled CNN Anchor Fails to Retract His False Smear of Rush Limbaugh as Slavery-Admiring Racist

"....The quote seems to have originated with pranksters who tampered with Limbaugh’s Wikipedia page several years ago, and migrated into a left-wing book published in 2006, 101 People Who Are Really Screwing America. The book had no footnote documenting the date on which Limbaugh had supposedly uttered the remark. Recently, the quote was cited by St. Louis Post-Dispatch sports writer Bryan Burwell in an October 7 column about Limbaugh’s joint effort to purchase the St. Louis Rams. Other sports writers soon cited the quote as well, including Detroit Free Press columnist Drew Sharp writing in the October 12 USA Today...."

Wikipedia/wikiquote and a left wing book!!! Way to go CNN and MSNBC!!!

Values Voter News has already document problems with quoting wikipedia (its affiliate wikiquote is now documented to have the same problem) and snopes.com as source proofs at: Snopes.com still quotes Wikipedia as proof of Obama's birth at Kapiolani but Wikipedia can't even prove that Obama is born in Hawaii.... and Snopes.com changes hospital of Obama's birth 90 minutes after WND.COM article but has no conclusive evidence of correction according to Wikipedia At snopes.com mainly because they don't document what changes have been made on there site over time and wikipedia cause somebody can come in there and edit the information on disputed items and it could go back and forth as to what wikipedia readers are being informed on.

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