Values Voter News supposes if it were just one or two little things here and there then so what but when it is at tax payers expense via government waste and it is not just a little thing here and there (see below) then it gets disgusting. And to top it off with Jimmy Carter's comments and the liberal media left and liberal politicians claim that we are a bunch of irrational racist. You add all that up and you've got yourself low ratings, a new congress in 2010 and a growing just protest that has NOTHING to do with race nor hate.

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Interior Secretary wants to take $96 million of tax payers money to move horses around
$63 million in Medicaid fraud in 5 states alone GAO finds
It's not about race and hate but about Government waste. 50 examples given and a $1.4 trillion deficit and they continue to spend. Unbelievable.
Only a government ran tax payer funded US Post office facing massive debt plus it's union would pay employees to do nothing
ABC reports that tax payers will continue to fund not only private jets but now private airports at stimulus package expense
Are newspapers "too important to fail" and should tax payers be forced to bail them out in anyway? Congress less popular then CEOs?
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$40 million in checks sent to dead people inspector general finds.
Very interesting video explaining how much Social Security and Medicare costs in costs of raising children. It's like having 2 more children in costs.
Veterans Affairs Department workers in Virginia get $24 million in bonuses as Veterans await their own checks and on and on see label .