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Chart to the left is from today showing Obama's worst approval rating to date. Not only his strong approval and disapproval rating at an all time low but so is his overall approval and disapproval rating with a -12 as 44% approve and 56% disapprove. Rasmussen asks likely voters as to there approval rating and accurately polled the percentage that Obama would beat McCain by in last year's election. And the year before was half a percentage point off. One reason why Rasmussen does a better job in polling is because they ask only likely voters so it is more of an election type polling questioning and polling is automated.

So how is the polling according to Rasmussen of the 2010 elections going for Republicans and Democrats. This year Republicans have made some significant advances already see: Breaking News: Republicans to pick up another Democrat seat never held by a Republican today. from 12/22/2009 and Signs that democrats are in trouble in '09 and '10 elections. from 10/24/2009 where is reported: "Republicans captured 6 state legislative seats from special elections this year before November and some that Democrats have held for decades.." and in New Jersey and Virginia see Special Report: Conservatives picked up more than a Governor seat in Virginia but 5 House delegates, Lt Governor and Attorney General..

But what about the 2010 elections? Below are all the most recent results of Governor races and Senate seats up for grabs in 2010 that Rasmussen has been polling.


Let's start with Obama's home state governor election where Republican challenger to Democrat incumbent is winning by 7% points and to replace Obama's Senate seat in Illinois the Republican candidate is currently in the lead over two Democrat contenders and is trailing probably within the margin of error behind one candidate.


If Arizona Republicans choose Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaioas as their Republican candidate then Republicans are up by 12% in the polls for their Governor.


Even in California Republican candidate and Democrat candidate are tied but the one seat of all above and below seats that Democrats have a healthy poll is Senator Boxer in the senate with 9% and 10% point leads over both Republican challengers.


Republican is up by 8% over Democrat incumbent for Governor and Republicans lead Democrats in all possible scenarios for Colorado Senate seat.


Republican up by 5% for Governor and Senate seat Republicans are ahead in both scenarios.


Even though Republicans are down Rasmussen makes these comments: "Next year's gubernatorial contest in Massachusetts is tighter than ever..." Democrat Governor only has 33% of the while the Republican and Independent split for about 53%.

New York

Republican candidate with a healthy lead by 17% for Governor.


Republican has healthy lead of 12% over Democrat for Governor and Republican challenger to long time Senator Arlen Specter's seat is beating both Specter and another democrat challenger.

South Carolina

Republicans with healthy leads in all possible scenarios but one out of 6 and some over 20% differences in Governor races.


Republican has a healthy 9% lead over Democrat for Governor and Senate seat in Ohio the Republican is winning in both scenarios.

North Dakota

Republican has a significant 22% lead against incumbent Democrat for Senate seat.


Republicans lead in all possible scenarios for Arkansas Senate seat.


Incumbent democrat barely leads Republican challenger by 2% for Senate seat.


Reid the Senate Majority leader for the democrats is behind all Republican challengers for his Senate seat.


Long time Senator Dodd is behind three Republican challengers and one by 13%.

Republicans have their greatest lead in the Generic Congressional Ballot of 8% nationwide at Rasmussen.

Health care legislation approval rating

Obama's approval rating on health care reform