If it was the other way around I wonder how many words they would have spent on it.

Broadcast TV Morning Shows Offered 64 Words on Maine Gay Vote

Maine's successful referendum to repeal a newly-imposed "same-sex marriage" law would have been a huge national story if the gay left had won. But since they narrowly lost, the broadcast network morning shows on Wednesday barely acknowledged it. In fact, NBC avoided the news for its entire four hours of Today. The Early Show on CBS offered 20 words from Jeff Glor early in the show: "In Maine, a loss for supporters of gay marriage yesterday. Voters voted down a law that had legalized same-sex marriage."

ABC’s Good Morning America led the pack with two quick mentions. In the first hour, Diane Sawyer told George Stephanopoulos: "In Maine, you probably heard about this, voters were voting on gay marriage. They decided against gay marriage, 53 to 47 percent." That’s 22 words. In the 8 am hour, this squib from news anchor Chris Cuomo: "And we do have the results of one widely watched ballot initiative. Voters in Maine repealed a law that allowed same-sex marriages." That’s also 22 words.

At least the networks didn’t offering the typical labeling imbalance, where "conservatives" defeated "gay rights activists." In his 8 am newscast, Cuomo noted "conservative Republican" Bob McDonnell won, and Bill Owens "defeated his conservative opponent in upstate New York."

Maine is the 31st state to vote against "same-sex marriage," although the margins of victory have shrunk over the last few years. A left-wing victory there surely would have been a striking new development. But the avoidance of electoral results that cause liberals to gnash their teeth (or make liberalism less than the inevitable wave of the future) give the networks a very politically selective image.

— Tim Graham is Director of Media Analysis at the Media Research Center.

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And watch video report of Rasmussen poll that found 50% of Americans less likely to buy a car from a bailed-out automaker.

Does the bailed out companies popularity reflect sales? Rasmussen poll had this interesting poll at Ford Favorables Continue to Rise As GM, Chrysler Slip Ford is 68% favorable while Chrysler is 29% and GMC 34%.

Ford Had a Better Idea: No Bailout

By Julia A. Seymour
Business & Media Institute
11/4/2009 3:16:04 PM

Ford Motor Company took everyone by “surprise” Nov. 2, when it announced nearly a billion dollars in profit for the third quarter of 2009. The company also said it would be “solidly profitable” by 2011.
CNN repeated the announcement on Nov. 3 “American Morning,” saying, “Turning now to the Big Three in Detroit, Chrysler extends its buyout offer to more than 20,000 employees while General Motors is still trying to restructure spending billions of bailout dollars, but Ford – which didn’t take any cash from Uncle Sam – is back in the green again, posting a profit of nearly $1 billion for the third quarter.”
The announcement was big news, but what should have caught more journalists’ attention was the fact that Ford managed to turn things around without the help of a federal bailout – the very bailout reporters promoted in 2008 and 2009.
Yet, several shows including all three networks’ morning programs, CBS “Evening News,” CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” and MSNBC News Live all left out that crucial piece of information Nov. 2.
But that Nov. 2 report, the “Evening News” found room to include union complaints against Ford, quoting UAW’s Gary Walkowicz: “I think people are angry and fed up with concessions. We’ve dealt with concessions year after year for the last five years. I people – think people got to the point of saying, ‘Enough is enough that’s it.’”
One year ago, the network news media avidly supported a federal bailout for the Big Three U.S. auto companies and ignored union responsibility for lack of competitiveness.
“GM may not make it without help, and others may have to merge,” declared “Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams in November 2008. “If just one of the Big Three were to fail, an estimated two and a half million jobs might be lost.”
ABC correspondent Chris Bury suggested on Nov. 11, 2008 that it was a matter of fairness, after all, the banks had already been bailed out: “After riding to Wall Street’s rescue can the government just say no to American automakers that are bleeding cash by the billions.”
Between Nov. 1 and Nov. 18, 2008 the morning and evening shows of ABC, CBS and NBC aired 31 stories with a pro-bailout tone, which was almost three times as many positive stories as balanced stories – only 12. Only one story, on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” presented an overall anti-bailout tone.
According to Reuters, GM and Chrysler received “roughly $64 billion in direct aid” from the government. Since then both companies have struggled. Chrysler saw sales fall 30 percent in October 2009, while GM saw a slight “bump” in sales of 4.7 percent the same month.
The media promotion of an auto bailout did not reflect public opinion. Back then 49 percent of Americans were opposed to an auto industry bailout and 47 percent were in favor, according to Gallup.
But according to Rick Newman, chief business correspondent for U.S. News and World Report, anti-bailout sentiment might have been exactly what helped Ford rise to profitability.
“[T]hey’ve taken market share from GM and Chrysler. Clearly a lot of people who wanna buy a domestic car, but were disgusted by the auto bailouts went over to Ford,” Newman told CNN’s “American Morning” Nov. 3.
NBC “Nightly News” and “World News” also indicated Nov. 3 that Ford’s decision not to take the bailout improved the public’s perception of the company and “richly rewarded” them.
Cash for Clunkers gets credit, Mullaly rarely gets rebuttal
Nine network and cable mentions of Ford’s successful quarter all credited the government’s Cash for Clunkers (CARS) program, but 77 percent of those reports (seven of nine) didn’t include Ford’s rebuttal that the company would have seen third quarter profits even without the trade-in program.
CEO Alan Mullaly said that the company would “absolutely” have profited even without cash for clunkers. “It was a good stimulus,” Mulally told Automotive News after Ford announced a $997 million quarterly net profit. “But the real strength of the third quarter is based on the strength of our product line improving.”
Automotive News reported, “CFO Lewis Booth said the federal government’s clunkers rebate program didn’t lead to an increase in Ford’s third-quarter wholesale sales. Instead, Ford ran dealer stocks down.”
But broadcast and cable news gave credit to the CARS program anyway, keeping its theme of promoting the government giveaway.
In August 2009, all three broadcast networks lauded the program calling it “wildly popular,” “too successful” and a “victim of its own success.” The networks also cited proponents of CARS nearly three times as often as critics in stories citing experts.
The $1 billion trade-in scheme burned through its entire 14-week budget in one week’s time, prompting the Senate to allocate another $2 billion in taxpayer dollars. Still, networks heaped praise on the clunker program. CBS “Evening News” anchor Katie Couric teased on Aug. 3, “[S]ales reports out today show the Cash for Clunkers program gave U.S. automakers a much-needed jumpstart.”
Union Dues
One major problem facing all three domestic car companies is the auto unions and their legacy costs.
When the networks were busy promoting a bailout of the auto industry in 2008, reporters were also conveniently ignoring unions as one of the reasons the industry was in trouble. Union contracts have put U.S. manufacturers at a distinct disadvantage compared to foreign auto companies that build cars in the U.S. But out of 44 stories in November 2008, only 4 pointed out the union problem.
Instead of blaming the unions, reporters blamed the overall U.S. economy for slumping auto sales.
“With sales plunging 35 percent in October alone, the auto industry is reeling from the nation’s biggest financial crisis since the 1930s,” CNBC’s Trish Regan said on the Nov. 8 NBC “Nightly News.”
But Daniel Ikenson pointed out on the Cato Institute’s Web site that unions are probably more responsible for Detroit’s problems than the media’s scapegoat of a generally bad economy. Those foreign nameplate manufacturers that sell in the United States “face the same contracting demand for automobiles as does the Big Three,” Ikenson wrote. “The difference is that these [foreign] companies have a better track record of making products Americans want to consume and are not seeking federal assistance.”
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Related: Lord Monckton warns America on the United Nations Climate Change Treaty to be signed in Copenhagen with 1.6 million YouTube hits in 2 weeks

These lawyers seem to be working under the same assumption of the Obama administration and other global warming activists that climate change is caused by fossil fuel admissions but are critical of the current cap and trade legislation of the Obama administration. So this would be kind of an internal critique of the solution to the assumed problem. 

Now for some links that call into question the underlying assumption that fossil fuels cause climate change to the extent that we need cap and trade and other bills anyways see: BBC News: Current climate models fail to forecast that the globe is not warming even though man made carbon dioxide continues to rise-"This story was the most linked to story in the blogosphere on 10/11/2009 and 10/12/2009 (Update 10/14/2009-and now top story linked to on 10/13/2009) according to BlogPulse", Video: Professor of meteorology at MIT on panel answering questions concerning the subject of global warming after premiere screening of new movie 

And more at: Video: World's largest particle physics laboratory funding project now a second time that supports global climate caused by cosmic rays
Video report on new documentary film concerning the negative effects of global warming policies
BBCWorldNews exposes evidence of "emotional" "scare tactics" by Greenpeace as they exaggerate global warming
Video Interview of New York Times best seller over the issue of Global Warming.
CNSNews.com reports on another study in the Journal of Geophysical Research that undermines climate change via man made
4 pound book for free online that draws from thousands of peer-reviewed research papers rebutting Global Warming propenents at IPCC
Video: Taking Earth's Temperature and Cap and Trade


Real Catholic TV has this excellent report on the attack on African values via foreign aid under the Obama administration and I would include other western liberal foreign aid organizations (see below). Contrast this to the Bush administration at Obama congratulates Bush? Something I am sure Big Media will miss but who knows since Obama said it they may not!!! and see more below video on Bush's approval ratings in Africa when he was in office.

"Mr. Bush hasn't gotten much credit for this among the American public, but, as a BBC interviewer noted yesterday, his approval rating in Africa is in the 80% range, which is astonishingly high. The numbers are borne out by the Pew Global Attitudes survey. Critics of Mr. Bush seize on the low numbers in that survey for people's opinion of America in the Europe or in parts of the Arab world. But a 2007 Pew survey found 88% of those in the Ivory Coast view America favorably, 87% of those in Kenya, 80% of those in Ghana, and 79% of those in Mali. These numbers top the Pew charts."-Darfur, Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia and Namibia: Americas' Approval Ratings Soaring in Africa

Also, see for contrast to liberal foreign aid that of conservative which is more consistent with African values at:

Matthew Parris a self described atheist is convinced of the enormous contribution that Christian evangelism makes in Africa...
Missing her left hip and leg Michele Perry has opened a home for 100+ orphaned children in the middle of warfare territory in Africa
Sudan's "Machine Gun Preacher" has the only organization willing to risk entering the war zone for orphans and has saved 1000 so far...
$23 provides clean water for one person for the rest of their life in Uganda
Churches and Villages Together - Building economic development projects upon the foundation of the Gospel in Africa
Malaria kills more children on the continent then HIV and AIDS. Watch what one Faith Based ministry is doing about it.

More on African values and foreign aid attacks:

African Bishops call for a rethinking of Africa by the rest of the world
African bishop says, "I know workers for NGOs who hang around with boys in order to introduce them to homosexual relationships"
African Bishops lambast Western media for spreading "abuse, lies and hate or derogatory propaganda"
African countries themselves should be able to receive aid without sacrificing their moral values
African Wisdom vs NEA and UN/Obama supports a divisive faith based initiative
Harvard Aids expert and 20 year Ugandan AIDS activist says condomn distribution makes AIDS worse....
Uganda's first lady says, "To be true to myself, as a mother and as a believer in Jesus Christ, I am prepared to continue advocating for these values"
Believe it or not there is one thing Americans and Kenyans do not approve of so far of Obama's actions to date....
10,000 girls march for life in India while 20,000 march in Africa
Will the EU not give foreign aide to those countries who ban same-sex marriages?
Africa sticks it to the CEDAW of the UN. Way to go Cameroon.


Canadian MP Launches Petition to Stop Federal Funding of Planned Parenthood

By Patrick B. Craine

OTTAWA, Ontario, November 2, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) - "We, the undersigned residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to stop all funding of International Planned Parenthood Federation," reads a new petition being circulated by Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) Brad Trost (Saskatoon-Humboldt).

The petition refers specifically to a 2006 pledge from the Canadian federal government to allocate $18 million over four years to International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). CIDA is overseen by International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda (C-Durham), who took the position in 2007.

The goal, says Trost, is to stop the IPPF funding when it comes up for renewal, which he says is supposed to happen around December 31st.

He has circulated a similar petition "on a low-key level" by word-of-mouth since the March for Life in May, but has redrafted it and posted it to his website. He has already presented these petitions in the House of Commons a few times, but is now stepping up his efforts.

He raised the issue informally, he says, as have others, but "got a brush off." "I then started ... to roll this out so that people would realize and understand that the federal government ... funds Planned Parenthood International," he told LifeSiteNews.com, "and I find that disturbing and would like to have the money rerouted to something else."

IPPF is the world's largest abortion provider and, as they themselves admit, promotes international abortion 'rights' as one of their central focuses.

In addition to IPPF's abortion advocacy, the petition cites the fact that the organization "does not support physicians' freedom to practice according to their conscience and/or religious beliefs regarding abortion referral."

According to IPPF's 'Charter on Sexual and Reproductive Rights', physicians may only refuse to offer contraceptive and abortion 'services' "if they can refer the client to health professionals willing to provide the service immediately" (5.3). "No such right exists in emergency cases where lives are at risk," they add.

IPPF took in $119 million in 2008, with almost 80% coming from government grants. In the midst of a financial crisis, $23 million of that money went towards staffing, with over 3 dozen people given six figure incomes that topped out at $480,000.

CIDA would seem to have become a dedicated supporter of organizations that advocate de-population and actively work towards global abortion access, giving away millions of Canadian tax money. In 2007, for example, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation reported that, in addition to the money pledged to IPPF, in 2006/2007 CIDA had given $44,050,000 to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) as well as $18 million to UNICEF.

While UNFPA claims that they do not promote abortion, they are an ardent supporter of abortion advocacy groups, such as IPPF, which reported in 2008 that it had received $1 million from the fund that year. In September, the UNFPA's leader, Thoraya Ahmed Obaid, called for a budget of $23 billion to be able to fund abortions worldwide.

In Trost's opinion, the government has continued funding IPPF because of "inertia." "The bureaucracy's done it before and no one wants to rock the boat," he explained. "So at the end of the day, don't make any waves. ... I'm encouraging people to let their voice be spoken so that the unelected government, i.e. the bureaucrats in CIDA who support Planned Parenthood, don't get to dictate where people's tax dollars go."

He is encouraging people to write the Prime Minister and CIDA's Minister, Bev Oda. He would like those who write "not only to oppose it because abortion is wrong, period, but also because there's other better ways to spend ... Canadian international development aid money."

"Write or encourage the Minister and CIDA to spend money on other things - vaccination programs, well-water programs," he said. "There's other much better things this could be spent on."

The petition can be downloaded from Trost's website. A French version will be posted next week or later this week. Completed petitions are to be sent to his Ottawa office.

Contact Information:

Brad Trost, MP (Saskatoon-Humboldt)
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A6
Phone: (613) 992-8052
E-mail: trostb@parl.gc.ca

Bev Oda, MP (Durham) and Minister of International Cooperation
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A6
Phone: (613) 992-2792
Fax: (613) 992-2794
Email: Oda.B@parl.gc.ca

Prime Minister Stephen Harper
80 Wellington Street
K1A 0A2
Fax: 613-941-6900
E-mail: pm@pm.gc.ca

See related LifeSiteNews.com coverage:

Governments Maintain IPPF Funding Despite Financial Crisis in 2008

Canada's Conservative Gov't Gave $80 Million To De-Population Groups in 2006/07

Leader of United Nations Population Fund Calls for Global Abortion Funding


Related: Faith key factor in sex education saving tax payers who knows how many millions in condomns, birth control, abortions, pregnancy costs etc etc..

New Study Shows Parents Play a Significant Role In Teen Sexual Decisions

By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

OTTAWA, October 30, 2009 (LifeSiteNEws.com) - A new study by the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada (IMFC) suggests that parental influence over teenage sexual behavior begins during childhood, and that parental attitudes and behaviors significantly influence sexual choices in the teen years.

Research by IMFC's Dr. Frank Jones, based on Statistics Canada data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth which compared responses from parents and their children age six to eleven and then again eight years later as teens, found that parental lifestyle choices influence children's future sexual activity.

The data reveals that 39.9 per cent of teens age 14 to 19 have had consensual sexual intercourse, which differentiated by gender is 41.6 per cent of girls and 38.1 percent of boys.

"Considering the risk of disease, unexpected pregnancy and emotional upheaval, most parents would prefer their teens delay sexual activity," said Peter Jon Mitchell, Research Analyst with the IMFC.

The study looked at four aspects of parental lifestyle that deeply influence teens' perception of themselves and the consequent risks they are willing to take as they grow to adulthood.

Looking at parental substance abuse, the study found that children of parents who drank to excess two or more times a year were more likely to be sexually active as teens. This was particularly true for girls who were 38 per cent more likely to be sexually active than the national average. Similarly, children of smokers were 22 per cent more likely to be sexually active as teens.

Previous studies have suggested teen sexual activity is often accompanied by drug and alcohol use, and teens often take their cues on substance use from their parents.

The study found that strong relationships between parents and children act a protective factor against risk behaviors. Boys and girls who reported having a close relationship with their father were less likely to be sexually active as teens.

"A large body of research reveals that a parenting style that is warm, communicative, supportive, and involves supervision and setting limits, protects teens against risk behaviour, and helps young people develop into healthy, autonomous adults," the report states.

The aspect of community involvement by parents, especially commitment to a faith community or ethnic community, was found to shape a child's future sexual activity.

Parents who were devoted to volunteerism and attended weekly worship with their children were correlated with having teens who were 40 per cent less likely to be sexually active compared to the national average. Boys who attended weekly worship during childhood were 29 per cent less likely to be sexually active in their teen years, while girls who worshiped weekly during childhood were 22 per cent less likely to be sexually active as teens.

The research finally focused on family structure. Married biological parents have been called "the gold standard for insuring optimal outcomes in a child's development," by Rutgers sociologist David Popenoe.

"When our analysis held other factors constant, living with two biological parents, rather than one, influenced a decreased likelihood of sexual activity," the report said.

"Strong correlations between teen sexual behavior and growing up with common-law parents were observed among boys, while correlations between sexual activity and growing up in divorced or separated homes were observed among girls."

The report concludes with the encouraging proposition that "While it may seem daunting to see correlations between family behaviors years ago and sexual activity in your children today-the news is positive. Teens do listen and want to listen to their parents, as indicated by the surveys and polls."

The full text of the IMFC research report is available here.


You will be surprised at how many time this happens not only at the New York Times but on ABC, CBS and NBC. See label .

Times Quick To Name GOP as Insulting Jews, Avoided Labeling 2008 Anti-Semitic Tactics as Dem

Two Republican chairmen in South Carolina have apologized for an op-ed article that made a clumsy comment about wealthy Jews being fiscally prudent. Robbie Brown and Times' headline writers let us know that the two offenders were Republican: "2 South Carolina Republicans Apologize for Reference to Jews."

It made quite a contrast from how the Times treated a Democratic candidate for Congress who circulated truly scurrilous claims against her Jewish opponent in a 2008 primary election.

In Wednesday's story, both the online headline (the print edition headline is different) and a photo caption readily identified the offenders as members of the GOP, as did Brown in his first sentence:

Two Republican county chairmen in South Carolina have apologized for a newspaper op-ed article that stereotyped Jews as financial penny pinchers.

The chairmen wrote the article in The Times and Democrat of Orangeburg, S.C., on Sunday in defense of Senator Jim DeMint’s opposition to Congressional earmarks, comparing his fiscal watchfulness to that of Jews.

"There is a saying that the Jews who are wealthy got that way not by watching dollars, but instead by taking care of the pennies and the dollars taking care of themselves," the opinion article stated. "By not using earmarks to fund projects for South Carolina and instead using actual bills, DeMint is watching our nation’s pennies and trying to preserve our country’s wealth and our economy’s viability to give all an opportunity to succeed."

A Democratic state senator, Joel Lourie of Kershaw and Richland Counties, who is Jewish, called the comment "disgusting" and "unconscionable" and said it represented "prejudice in its purest form." He called for the two chairmen to lose their positions in the state Republican Party and asked Mr. DeMint and Karen Floyd, the state party chairwoman, to denounce their comments.

In contrast, Adam Nossiter in an August 2008 story managed to write a disturbing story about a far more inflammatory example of genuine racism and anti-Semitism in a Democratic primary in Memphis -- but left out the "Democrat" part, which is pretty hard to do when reporting on a party primary election.

And as opposed to the klutzy stereotypical tribute offered by the South Carolina Republican county chairmen, this offense was committed by an actual Democratic politician:

In the culmination of a racially fraught Congressional campaign in Memphis, a black candidate is linking her liberal-leaning white primary opponent in Thursday’s contest, Representative Steve Cohen, to the Ku Klux Klan in a television advertisement.

Mr. Cohen’s campaign said it was an unusually direct effort to inject race into the contest.

The advertisement for the challenger, Nikki Tinker, juxtaposes Mr. Cohen’s picture with that of a hooded Klansman, and criticizes Mr. Cohen for voting against renaming a park in Memphis currently named for the Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest, a Ku Klux Klan founder.

One flier circulated in Memphis read: "Why do Steve Cohen and the Jews Hate Jesus?"


Below comments is a video report on the number of millionaires in congress but first:

There is nothing wrong with being a successful millionaire whether you're a business man or a congressman but for those on the left to rag on CEO's and not there own congressman is somewhat of a double standard.

At least successful CEO's are millionaires for creating jobs not destroying them. I'd rather let a millionaire CEO keep his millions to invest in job creation by investing in a business that actually creates lasting and meaningful jobs and that not even at tax payers expense but the investors own expense and risk and that at the demands of the market of "we the people..." rather then a congressman's millions being spent on political campaigns to only get elected to then spend even more millions campaigning for passages of bills that destroy jobs. Not to fail to mention that most big companies provide full health care to their employees much like the government does theirs but one provides that care not at the expense of American tax payers. No system is perfect but one actually better provides an income to families to be taxed with in the first place at an investors own expense.

So let the left complain about the jets of others but should they not be equally concerned about not only the jets but airports of their own congressman. See ABC reports that tax payers will continue to fund not only private jets but now private airports at stimulus package expense

Now there is a place for government of course. And that is being a referee not partaking in the game itself. In other words enforcing the rules that insure honesty and integrity in the market but not rules that distort the integrity of the market or by distorting the market by becoming a player in the market itself at tax payers expense. That is the very reason why we are in the economic mess we are in today. For more on that point of view see videos below.

But now to the video report of 237 millionaires in congress:

"A new report by the Center for Responsive Politics says there are 237 millionaires serving in the House and Senate. That's 44 percent of all lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

The richest member is Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif. His net worth exceeds $250 million.

Issa is followed in wealth by four Democrats. Rep. Jane Harman, D-Calif. has $245 million. Rep. Herb Kohl,, D-Wis. at $215 million.

Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va. at $210 million and Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass. at about $209 million."

Video below is quite applicable as Nobel prize winner in 1976 (when the winner were more Nobel then today) in economics defends capitalism:

And as Daniel Hannan politician from Europe put it:

Values Voter News agrees with Daniel Hannan. See CSPAN Video of Geithner admitting that the perceived government safety net of financial institutions distorted the free market
Obama administration admitting that Fannie and Freddie were a "core part" of the country's financial woes

For more evidence that government intrusion into the free market created this economic crisis as even Geithner admits has distorted the free-market see: 5.5 million hit YouTube from Canada explains how Republicans predicted the financial crisis via Government's failure to regulate their own companies
How did we get into this financial crisis? Quick video with many links to research
CNNMoney reports that Fannie and Freddie will be the most expensive bailout
45 minute video explaining new Congressional Report that argues the Federal Government was culprit in Housing and Economic crisis
Obama administration admitting that Fannie and Freddie were a "core part" of the country's financial woes
CSPAN video of recent hearings on Fannie Mae and Freddie MAC part 1 and 2 and previous posts as to why our economy is the way it is.
Countrywide Financial tops the list of the top 25 lenders in the subprime market but guess who was their biggest rewarder/customer for their practices.
In total, the government has committed about $2 trillion to support Fannie and Freddie
Countrywide Financial tops the list of the top 25 lenders in the subprime market but guess who was their biggest rewarder/customer for their practices
The mortgage crisis explained from 1913 to the present....
In 1991 conservatives were pushing for the full privatization of Fannie and Freddie and warned of what is happening now if we didn't and here we are..
YouTube from '04 hearing proving Republicans were trying to reform Fannie and Freddie which are back in the news in a big $400 billion dollar way
New York Times articles in 1999 and 2003 on the Economy
New York Times not telling you the whole story once again
Media is not giving you the whole Mortgage Crisis story: Fannie and Freddie is Enron x 19/Microsoft Sized Monopoly/Leading Compaign Giver and Lobbyist
The Economy and what Big Media is not telling you...
Obama's connection with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ignored in Big Media. The Fact that Bush tried to reform Freddie and Fannie ignored in Big Media.
Mortgage Crisis
Orson Scott Card (Democrat who is also, highly critical of the free-market and capitalism) writes a powerful argument and telling piece!!! Must read!!
$4.6 of the $6.6 trillion mortgage-backed securities at the heart of the financial crisis are from Government Sponsored Enterprises!!!!
Dow has gained 1400 points since 11/21/2008 after dropping 2000 points from 11/4/2008 to 11/20/2008 inspite of recession and unemployment news...
New York Times refutes itself when blaming Bush for the economic crisis. Fannie and Freddie leveraged their government-sponsored advantages...
BBC News: "Fannie...and...Freddie is the biggest corporate rescue in history...leaving a grey area between being government owned and private sector"
Fannie and Freddie CEO's make it clear that Fannie and Freddie were not truely private sector companies....
The economy and the cause and how many know enough to justify their vote? Testimony of Brian Welch of Korn. Jill Stanek's blog moves into top 7000.
Wall Street Journal reports on causes of the housing bubble that burst our economy and in the long run helped no one out...
Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae in 5th grade termsFound this excellent article on CBNNews.com concering Fannie and Freddie


This is the first time Planned Parenthood that I am aware of has expressed opposition to this health care reform and it is not about all the other services they provide for woman but rather about abortions!!! Makes you wonder if Planned Parenthood would oppose a bill that supports women in every other way but with tax payer funding of abortions? In other words is Planned Parenthood more about tax payer funding abortion then women's health?

Before we get to image of email sent out by Planned Parenthood CEO to Planned Parenthood supporters lets give a listen to a recently former director of Planned Parenthood.

Click on image to read email letter in its entirety.

Found this telling email sent out to supporters of Planned Parenthood via JillStanek.com. Video below shows Obama making promises to Planned Parenthood concerning health care reform and gives some context. This is the first time Planned Parenthood that I am aware of has expressed opposition to this health care reform and it is not about all the other services they provide for woman but rather about tax payer funding of abortions!!!

This gives further credibility to the claims of recently former director of Planned Parenthood in TX Abby Johnson. Abby just recently resigned from her position after helping an abortion Dr. do an ultrasound abortion and Planned Parenthood is trying to put a restraining order on her to silence her recent comments and further comments about practices at Planned Parenthood. See
During 40 days for life campaign a Planned Parenthood director watches ultrasound of an abortion and later quits job and watch most recent interview of her claims below.


Finally, an amendment that pro-life groups and politicians both democrat and republican have been waiting for all along and they got it just before the bill passed. Without which the bill probably would not have passed see The Two Hang Ups currently blocking passage of health care reform: one in the House and one in the Senate. As reported earlier that the hang up for passage of the health care reform in the House was over the issue of tax payer funded abortions and that amongst the democrat party. One thing to take note is that the battle for passage of this bill has very little to do with Republicans. Democrats have enough votes to pass but within the democrat party an issue that divides is tax payer funding of abortion which just about hung up the bill. So really the passage of this bill hinged on Democrats cooperating amongst themselves.

Another interesting note is that this amendment had the votes of many pro-choice democrats but agreed that abortions should not be funded via the American tax payer. 64 democrats voted with Republicans for maybe the only bi-partisan support of this bill that being the issue of tax payer funding of abortion. This is indeed a comfortable victory for pro-lifers.


(Democrats in roman; Republicans in italic; Independents underlined)

      H R 3962      YEA-AND-NAY      7-Nov-2009      10:20 PM
      AUTHOR(S):  Stupak of Michigan Amendment
      QUESTION:  On Agreeing to the Amendment






---- YEAS    240 ---

Barrett (SC)
Barton (TX)
Bishop (GA)
Bishop (UT)
Bono Mack
Brady (TX)
Broun (GA)
Brown (SC)
Brown-Waite, Ginny
Burton (IN)
Coffman (CO)
Davis (AL)
Davis (KY)
Davis (TN)
Deal (GA)
Diaz-Balart, L.
Diaz-Balart, M.
Donnelly (IN)
Franks (AZ)
Garrett (NJ)
Gingrey (GA)
Gordon (TN)
Hall (TX)
Hastings (WA)
Johnson (IL)
Johnson, Sam
Jordan (OH)
King (IA)
King (NY)
Kline (MN)
Lee (NY)
Lewis (CA)
Lungren, Daniel E.
McCarthy (CA)
McMorris Rodgers
Miller (FL)
Miller (MI)
Miller, Gary
Moran (KS)
Murphy, Tim
Neal (MA)
Poe (TX)
Price (GA)
Roe (TN)
Rogers (AL)
Rogers (KY)
Rogers (MI)
Ryan (OH)
Ryan (WI)
Smith (NE)
Smith (NJ)
Smith (TX)
Thompson (PA)
Wilson (OH)
Wilson (SC)
Young (AK)
Young (FL)

---- NAYS    194 ---

Adler (NJ)
Bishop (NY)
Brady (PA)
Braley (IA)
Brown, Corrine
Carson (IN)
Castor (FL)
Connolly (VA)
Davis (CA)
Davis (IL)
Edwards (MD)
Edwards (TX)
Frank (MA)
Green, Al
Green, Gene
Hall (NY)
Hastings (FL)
Herseth Sandlin
Jackson (IL)
Jackson-Lee (TX)
Johnson (GA)
Johnson, E. B.
Kilpatrick (MI)
Kirkpatrick (AZ)
Klein (FL)
Larsen (WA)
Larson (CT)
Lee (CA)
Lewis (GA)
Lofgren, Zoe
Markey (CO)
Markey (MA)
McCarthy (NY)
Meek (FL)
Meeks (NY)
Miller (NC)
Miller, George
Moore (KS)
Moore (WI)
Moran (VA)
Murphy (CT)
Murphy (NY)
Murphy, Patrick
Nadler (NY)
Pastor (AZ)
Pingree (ME)
Polis (CO)
Price (NC)
Rothman (NJ)
Sánchez, Linda T.
Sanchez, Loretta
Scott (GA)
Scott (VA)
Smith (WA)
Thompson (CA)
Thompson (MS)
Van Hollen
Wasserman Schultz

---- ANSWERED “PRESENT”    1 ---




Last Week in Review

Finally, the pro-life amendment that pro-lifers were waiting for passed with flying colors in the House just before the House health care reform bill barely passed 220-115. As reported earlier tax payer funding of abortion was what was blocking health care reform in the House (see The Two Hang Ups currently blocking passage of health care reform: one in the House and one in the Senate). This health care bill barely passed not because of Republicans but because of disagreements within the Democrat's own party over tax payer funding of abortion. Even though Nancy Pelosi is pro-choice she had to allow a vote on a pro-life amendment which she knew would pass but in order to get the bill passed she had to do it. So far this has been the only bi-partisan support of the Health Care reform bill. The amendment passed 240-194 with 64 democrats agreeing with Republicans that tax payers should not have to fund abortions in health care. According to pro-life Republicans and Democrats alike they are claiming this to be one of the biggest pro-life victories since the partial birth abortion ban law was passed. There is still a long way to go before this health care reform passes. The Senate has to pass there version then it goes to conference to merge and then another vote depending on how that merge goes. In the merge they can take out the amendment but if they do then the bill in its merged entirety will have to be voted on once again. So there is a long way to go. Remember: It ain't over till it's over

Below is how the week went in the Health Care debate.

Breaking Video: Health Care debate in House gets off with a crazy start and po-life amendment will get an up or down vote on the floor

Video: House Republicans spend over an hour discussing tax payer funding of abortion in PelosiCare

Anything less than Hyde is less than current law and should alert legitimate concern of tax payer funded abortions in the bill

Maybe the last chance to block the largest expansion of abortions since Roe v Wade. Watch webcast tonight

Pullitzer prize winning fact checker fact checks Michael Moore,Big Media, BBC, Hollywood and Democrat leaders on Health Insurance Company profits

Video: "Kill the Bill" and not the unborn nor our liberties says 10K to 20K protesters outside Capitol Hill

Alcohol and drug abuse in the UK costing taxe payers and society billions will congress allow health care insurance plans in the US to charge?

Video debate: Health Care Cost will go up under ObamaCare in the Senate

Video: How to balance the Obama Budget? and an excellent new anti-ObamaCare TV ad

19 states move to oppose ObamaCare in their state as the people of Arizona will vote for freedom of choice in 2010

Medicare’s "Low" Administrative Costs Cost Tax Payers $60 Billion a Year

Republicans win two important Governor races

Special Report: Conservatives picked up more than a Governor seat in Virginia but 5 House delegates, Lt Governor and Attorney General. and President Obama has his worst monthly approval ratings yet in October. Why? and Rasmussen and Gallup polls concur: If elections were held today Republicans would gain big victories in congress and presidency.


Video: Interview of Lou Gramm of ex-ead vocalist of Foreigner speaks of how he came to Christ and is now singing a New Song


Video trailer of The Richard Wurmbrand Story by Torchlighters and video footage of Richard showing scars of persecution. 



Video: Daniel Hannan responds to the G-20 meeting in Pittsburg claiming excessive Government intervention created our current economic crisis

Actual footage of children being taken away from homeschooling parents in Europe

American Life League has once again an excellent video explaining International Planned Parenthood Federation and there new controversial declaration

Liberal Media Bias
Video of House Judiciary Committee: Rep. Steve King exposes NFL hypocrisy on Rush Limbaugh ownership issue. 

New York Times focuses on Gallup Poll showing Palin dropping in popularity but ignores Obama all time record in drop of approval ratings ever

Faith and Family Philanthropy

Video: Phoenix, Arizona enlists churches in the help to fight crime

Single woman raises and supports 200 children in Paraguay at shelter called "United by Christ"

Liberal Media Bias

In a news report on first elected black Senator ABC failed to identify him as a Republican who later lost to a white democrat


New Zealand 

University of Otago in New Zealand reveals new study that 85% of women say abortions cause mental health issue

Beware of skin creams that contain fetal proteins from aborted babies


UK news station equates a complaint of a gay pride parades to a hate crime


What kills more black Americans then the 7 leading causes of death combined according to CDC report?

First the New York Times, then CNN, then NBC, then CNN again, then a liberal university and now Newsweek has a report on pro-lifers and During 40 days for life campaign a Planned Parenthood director watches ultrasound of an abortion and later quits job

200 students pray outside of Planned Parenthood just north of the White House in protest of abortion on Halloween

Loyola University study says oral contraceptives nearly double chance of stroke

A church haunted house for halloween shows an abortion as some complain about its ratings

Values Voter News Stats

New most popular post by star rating at Values Voter News

Values Voter News surpasses 10,000 page views in a month for the first time.

First Amendment Case Victories

Free speech zones no longer exist at UNT now the whole campus is a free speech zone

Here is one probably in the working at Student president faces removal after allowing free speech on campus on Consitution Day

Tax payers through the stimulus package are funding "mapping for radioactive rabbit feces" and a $30 million complex for the Diamondbacks and more

Government ran rail system is losing $32 a passenger at tax payers expense says study.

Faith and Family Philanthropy

Faith and always in-tact marriages produce the best environment against adultery and divorce




Listen to "You Saved Me" song on YouTube

I wanna testify


This was in an email that I sent out to friends and family and hope is may be encouraging to readers of Values Voter News and if you have been following Values Voter News you may already know of this but none the less it was not put in this context with all the links and posts.

During 40 days for life campaign a Planned Parenthood director watches ultrasound of an abortion and later quits job

Just recently a Director of a Planned Parenthood in Texas quit working at Planned Parenthood after she watched an abortion and came out with public statements about why she resigned.
If you are aware of 40 days for life this story becomes even more interesting. The very place that 40 days for life began in 2004 is the very place that this director ran a Planned Parenthood in Bryan, Texas.

Guess where this now former Director of Planned Parenthood is praying outside of with Coalition for Life? Near her own old workplace that 40 days for lifers have been praying at for 5 years now.

Norma McCorvey the very Roe of Roe v. Wade who was also heavily prayed for by pro-lifers outside her clinic who later found forgiveness in Christ said before a Senate committee: "I urge everyone who supports abortion to look at the bodies to face the truth of what they support." This testimony before the Senate committee is a must read and archive. Forgiveness is clearly offered to anyone who will take Christ at His word. If God can change Roe God can change anybody. Paul uses this argument in 1 Timothy 1:15,16 when he writes: "This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief. Howbeit for this cause I obtained mercy, that in me first Jesus Christ might shew forth all longsuffering, for a pattern to them which should hereafter believe on him to life everlasting."

Lastly, this last month of October has been an amazing month for the unborn in the usually more liberally bent media and university.