Last Week in Review

First, I would like to direct you all to the final debates on this bill from both sides at for better understanding of what the debate was about and what effects both sides claim this bill will have. As the debate ended there was more clarity and the best of the best came out to argue as both sides were debating the issue to persuade a yes or no vote on this bill in the House.

I have yet to make any posts concerning passage of the Health Care bill which I probably will do this week. One thing I found interesting off the top though is that this bill barely passed and at about 2 pm yesterday both sides caved to pass the bill. A deal was struck with the very White House by pro-life democrats that were holding out there vote until they got assurance that tax payer money would not go to fund abortions. That assurance came in the form of an Executive Order that President Obama promised he would sign after he signs the bill. The Executive Order says that the Hyde Amendment would apply to this bill.

Every respectable pro-life organization (see National Right to Life statement and further links here who has been championing the cause of the unborn since 1973) has condemned the compromise for the simple reason that an Executive Order can not override law and can be repealed any time as evidenced by the Mexico City Policy. If a President can sign an Executive Order and that order override current law then there would be no need for the legislative process. We don't legislate deals like this through the White House in America. This Order if enforced would surely bring a lawsuit and a true pro-life politician will usually chose not to take chances or cut deals over the issue of the unborn. It is clear to many that this legislation was more important to pass for those pro-life democrats than protecting the unborn and for that reason and others pro-life organizations will declare a vote for this bill as a vote against the unborn.

Anyways, as I learn more I will be posting more on this this week. We are getting ready to take a vacation for part of this week and next week so I will squeeze in what I can and will be taking a break from posting for a week except maybe to copy and paste interesting articles from elsewhere. We will see as time allows.

And I just found Planned Parenthood's statement on the bill here. This further confirms the National Right to Life statement in link above.


Paul Ryan emerges

Paul Ryan steals the show again this morning as House Rules Committee considers rules to pass health care bill.

Video: Paul Ryan's opening statement elegantly explains why many conservative Americans oppose this bill and process 


Rasmussen and Gallup polls concurr that President Obama's approval ratings are at an all time low as health care is set to be voted on this weekend.

NBC News poll shows Americans who believe ObamaCare is a "bad idea" reaches its highest level yet.

Republicans have their biggest lead in three years with a 10 point lead if Congressional elections were held today reports Rasmussen 

Health Care and the abortion issue that almost blocked ObamaCare

Pelosi still doesn't have the votes and it is all about abortions and it is past 9pm Washington time. Current count 205 Yes to 207 No with 10 leaning Oppose and 9 Unknown. actually Pelosi did not appear to have the votes till 2 pm Saturday.

Video: Stupak on ABC this morning after meeting with President Obama in the White House yesterday. Stupak language may not be dead after all. 

Pro-choice female Democrats are shuttling in and out of Pelosi's office and they won't say why. Current vote count is 209 No to 201 Yes and 214 No to 207 Yes with leaners 

Stupak is back!!! Stupak and co-sponsors of newly written Stupak language will hold a press conference tomorrow strongly suggesting a deal in the working and it's all about abortion. 

Stupak deal fails as pro-choice democrats threaten with their vote. New count is 204 to 206 with 11 undecided and 10 in Stupak group. ABC has it 212 to 212 and reports 100,000 calls an hour into congress yesterday. 

Video: House Budget Committee framing the reconciliation bill voted to reject the Stupak amendment yesterday.

Video: Key Democrat vote Altmire says Stupak amendment clearly better than Senate language but appears to be willing to compromise.

Altmire: The language is the evidence.

Video: Stand with Stupak with a Braveheart

Video: Waxman and Stupak vs Altmire on tax payer funding of abortion in the Senate bill  

Health Care and the debate before the vote in committees and outside

President Obama threatens to withdraw millions in fund raising support for wavering Democrats

Idaho follows Virginia's lead to sue Federal Government for mandating their citizens to buy ObamaCare if ObamaCare passes.

Video of speech on the House floor: " Who are you going to believe?" Pelosi, Reid and Obama or the National Right to Life.

Sen. Tom Coburn has this stern warning to Dems who may be cutting deals for their yes vote.

Video: Thousands show up at congressmen and women doors to tell them to vote no on ObamaCare.

Video: Leprechauns, the American people and the House Budget Committee. 



Franklin Graham calls for prayer for Sudan this week as first elections in 24 years will occur this week.

No family values at Girl Scouts. First, the UN Climate Change Conference now Planned Parenthood, abortion and sexuality,

Taxes and the Economy

Banks weren't the only ones giving big bonuses during the boom years. The government also was handing out millions of tax payers money to bank regulators.

FCC plans to spend possibly $350 billion for broadband internet and barely any mention of it on the networks

No Democrat-Controlled Congress Has Balanced Federal Budget in 40 Years; No Republican President Has Balanced Federal Budget in 50 Years