Update: Abortion Question Remains In Flux- "Things are happening very quickly now. Nancy Pelosi came out an hour or so ago and said the deal with Bishop Stupak on abortion was dead, and that there would be “no separate vote” on any measure. Obviously the fury over that option backed off leadership. It appeared that the Democrats were prepared to move forward without Stupak. But Stupak’s office said conversations were ongoing. And within an hour, he was sitting in Pelosi’s office."

The best whip count I have been able to find is by a liberal blogger at FireDogLake.org and he has divided the count into for categories. Yes, No, Undecided and the Stupak group. According to David Dayen at FireDogLake.org if Pelosi doesn't pick up one of the Stupak group the bill fails as the count is 204 Yes to 206 No 11 Undecided and 10 Stupak group. With the Stupak group Pelosi would have enough to pass the bill. There were talks last night of making a deal with Stupak to insure a fix in the Senate bill with the Stupak language to insure tax payer funding of abortion would be eliminate to get Stupak and his group. But pro-choice Democrats were upset and threatened to withhold some 40 or so votes. So Pelosi is now forced into the position we are now which is not enough votes to pass the bill. She needs to pick up all remaining undecided and one member from the Stupak group or you can figure other possible scenarios. Either way at least one will need to defect from the pro-life Stupak group.

As New York Times reported an hour ago, "Representative Bart Stupak, Democrat of Michigan and a leader of the Congressional Pro-Life Caucus, has postponed a news conference that had been scheduled for 11 a.m. on Saturday, a sign that there is still serious maneuvering under way in the fight over abortion language in the major health care legislation."

ABC reported their tally which includes leaners: "the tally is nearly a straight split, with 212 House members voting "yes" or leaning in that direction; and 212 voting "no" or leaning in that direction. The bill needs 216 House votes to pass." And then adds "The president is not the only one making his opinion known -- calls to House members by the electorate were coming in today at more than 100,000 per hour."

Call, fax, Twitter, and email your representative right now even if your representative is not pro-life like mine you can argue that for the sake of getting enough votes they need to support the Stupak pro-life language. Ask them to accept pro-life Stupak language or kill the bill. We do not want health care reform on the backs of the unborn.