Update: Critz beat Burns hands down 53% to 44%. A good analysis of the reason why Burns did not reproduce a Scott Brown victory can be best summed up in that Burns was running up against a pro-life, pro-gun Democrat who ran against the health care bill and cap and trade legislation which was quite unlike Scott Brown in Massachusetts as noted in NRO's analysis here. I would also like to add that Jason Altmire a pro-life Democrat who is in Pennsylvania also voted against the health care bill and since Murtha passed before making an up or down vote on health care it became hard for Burns to pen Critz in the Obama/Pelosi/Reid camp.

Election results for the many elections today will be on CSPAN here

Below is copied from AvoidtheBias.com at post titled Video debate: Burns vs Critz for Pennsylvania's 12th district to replace Murtha (D) on May 18th's special election. As you are awaiting the results give a listen to recent rally's between Critz and Burns. This appears to be a close one as Burns is up by 1% point according to PPP. This seat has been held by John Murtha and is in an area that is 2 to 1 Democrat so this would be a miniature Scott Brown victory in the House if Burns wins. See Videos: Another Scott Brown like upset in the working in the House in Pennsylvania in a special election on May 18th in a district that is 2 to 1 Democrat?. You can also see and Burns vs Critz in debate with other candidates for Pennsylvania's 12th district. Special election to be held on May 18th to replace longtime Democrat Murtha in the House. and Tim Burns with Scott Brown rally vs Mark Critz with Bill Clinton rally