Update Here is a 14 minute summary of the British elections at CSPAN.

Update Labour wins first reported seat. Watch more below and click here for first official results. Even though Labour won this seat by 50% to Conservative 21% last year they won it by 62% to 16%. And a minor update on the exit poll reported below to Conservative party 305 seats, Labour Party 255 Seats and the Liberal Democrats 61 seats.

Update: Exit polls show Conservative Party 307 seats, Labour Party 255 seats, and the Liberal Democrats 59 but actual election results to come.-CNN

Click play to watch election results live as the polls have closed and much discussion is occurring on BBC via CSPAN embedded below. If embedded video doesn't work click here to go to watch on CSPAN.

Also, see Links to voting guides in the UK for 05/06/2010 election and video from The Christian Institute out of the UK titled Voting and the Bible in 210 seconds.

And then check out this video which has been the #2 Top Rated Video of All Time for some time now from politician out of the UK criticizing Gordon Brown from last year. I have posted ample video of speaker in below video at label . Must watch speeches.