Update Lindsey Graham does a great job in follow up questioning on this issue. Will be posting follow up post with embedded video from Lindsey Graham as soon as available. Here it is at Video: Lindsey Graham questions Elena Kagan on partial-birth abortion memo under Clinton

Watch Orin Hatch question Elena Kagan on this issue below comments. I am sure more questioning will come.

For more on this see JillStanek.com who is covering this issue quite well at Scandal: ACOG's collusion with the White House to rewrite objective medical opinion to fit subjective political script and New Stanek WND.com column, "Exposed! Kagan's partial-birth abortion scheme"

Apparently, when Clinton vetoed the partial-birth abortion ban during his presidency Elena Kagan was involved in the wording of a memo from ACOG on partial-birth abortion which delayed the ban of partial birth abortion for some 10 years. I am now quoting from Jill Stanek from links above:

"ACOG used Kagan's language verbatim.

As former Justice Department lawyer Shannen Coffin pointed out in a National Review Online column yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court cited ACOG's opinion when striking Nebraska's partial-birth abortion ban in 2000, and U.S. District Court Judge Richard Kopf also cited it when he, as well as two other judges, enjoined the 2003 federal ban.

So it can be said Elena Kagan was largely responsible for keeping partial-birth abortion on the books 10 years beyond what it would have had the courts ruled based on uncorrupted medical opinion."

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