As you read below do watch ABCNews report on the signs below. Last year about this time Good Morning America did a report on this also see Video: ABC News exposes tax payer funded stimulus package is creating more signs and helping more mice then creating jobs.

Watch Schock of Illinois below argue for a bill to eliminate tax payer funding of signs that not only let the tax payer money know their money is at work but at a $192 million tax payer expense. Gee thanks Big G. Thanks for letting me know my money is being put to good use at my own expense. Seems a bit contradictory. Every time I pass one of those signs I am reminded of government waste at my own expense. At least a business advertises at their own expense. And thanks Democrats for blocking the bill that would have stopped wasting our economy's hard earned money on Bigger and Bigger Government every day. If a business ran itself into a multi-trillion dollar deficit like our Government has it would have been out business trillions of dollars ago unless of course it is bailed out by Big G. Unbelievable....See CBS Polls: 74% agree with Arizona immigration law or want more and 74% agree that stimulus package had no impact on the economy or made it worse.

Also, see Are public servants really servants of the public? and Profits go to those who best please the people as they should unfortunately Big Government has it the other way around. and No Budget from Congress for the first time since 1974. Congress to busy spending and regulating they have no time for budgeting. and During Bush years budget deficit was being reduced, more jobs were lost after 9/11 than after economic crisis in 2008 and more jobs were being created so why are we blaming Bush tax cuts for our deficit? and Public sector workers enjoy better pay as well as better pensions, shorter hours and eariler retirement than private sector all at tax payers expense in the UK

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