Secrets of the Mountain (Walmart 2-Disc Bonus Pack)The second movie in Wal-Mart's Family Moments will be airing this Friday on July 16th. For context of Family Moments see Wal-Mart teams up with VUDU and eliminates Adult Section then teams up with Proctor & Gamble to sponsor Family-Friendly TV and Wal-Mart's Family Moments campaign produces first Family Friendly movie to air on NBC this weekend. Apparently, a third Family Moments video will air this fall titled A Walk in My Shoes. My family and I saw the first in this series called Secrets of the Mountain which you can purchase to the left by clicking on the image. A decent movie for the family which was the most viewed program for the Friday night that the 2 hour family movie aired and that by far (see TV Ratings: NBC 'Secrets of the Mountain' triumphs Friday). Wal-Mart did a great job with the commercials which took on a family fun atmosphere as well. We will have to wait and see about The Jensen Project but below is a trailer. Click here for Wal-Mart's Family Moments web site and click Walmart and P&G Continue to Bring Back Family Movie Night with 'The Jensen Project' on NBC July 16th for a corporate statement concerning the movies and that Proctor & Gamble are part of this endeavor also in which is this statement: "The overwhelming success of ‘Secrets of The Mountain’ validates our claim that families are looking for entertainment that they can enjoy together,” said Stephen Quinn, chief marketing officer at Walmart. "We continue to work directly with parents to query them on the content they are seeking to share with their families. ‘The Jensen Project’ is intended to appeal to family members of all ages and we look forward to working in concert with P&G to offer even more high-quality family programming.”

Here is trailer The Jensen Project.

Below are some interesting videos of what Wal-Mart is doing in some communities about hunger which goes well with some posts that Values Voter News has posted concerning aid and that "Big Businesses" like Wal-Mart are Big for a reason (see Countries with Wal-Mart do better economically then countries without Wal-Mart and experience better growth and experience better growth and Profits go to those who best please the people as they should unfortunately Big Government has it the other way around.) and can help out in a Big Way (see US stinginess in foreign aide?/Organized Christianity abuses power and money?/Big Business' portrayed as corrupt? and The untold story of Katrina: Corporate and American charity and Private sector America has donated at least a billion to Haiti for relief after Earthquake.). Picture above of Wal-Mart trucks found at Real Katrina hero? Wal-Mart, study says.

4 Videos from Wal-Mart's youtube site under the category of Fighting Hunger Together.

Here is an interesting commercial of how Wal-Mart has been able to bring the prices of organic lettuce down to that of non-organic lettuce.

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