Even Harry Reid in 1993 agreed. Check out this video from CSPAN as Reid makes a poster child of a speech against illegal immigration.

So the next time a representative like the one below calls you un-American or a racist for wanting to lawfully stop illegal immigration..

Refer them to Reid.....and that it's about crime....and that it's a crime for a rational non-racist and very American reason. What is un-American is taking advantage of Americans and the American system and then calling Americans who expose this abuse un-America!!! Unbelievable hypocrisy....

Believe it or not you can be pro-life and anti-illegal immigration. It's not a contradiction at all. The contradiction is not over here it's over there.

For more reasons why a majority of Americans oppose illegal immigration see Unbelievable. Signs go up in Arizona some 80 miles from the border warning travelers to not enter part of their own country. and Rasmussen, Gallup, NBC, CBS, Pew and now add Quinnipiac to the list of polls that prove America likes Arizona's immigration law. and Terrorists crossing the border: Excellent local news report on terrorist entering the US via the Mexican border. and Should a Christian politician crack down on illegal immigration? If he is compassionat he will.... and What if the Networks were to equally report on why Gallup, NBC, Rasmussen, Pew and CBS polls show overwhelming support for Arizona law?

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