Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Videos: One Nation Rally vs Restoring Honor Rally and you decide which rally is more mainstream

You may also want to see Aerial pictures of Glenn Beck rally vs One Nation and videos of what the liberal media will not show you at the One Nation event. And yet another measure as to which group is mainstream via the challenge that the president of the NAACP made in video below during the Restoring Honor rally.


Would be the amount of views on CSPAN of the two events. The Restoring Honor rally is the #5 most viewed video of all time at CSPAN with 240,000 views and climbing whereas the One Nation rally has received a mere 1500 views rounded up. So by every measurement of crowd size and views at CSPAN.

Another measure could be Chris Matthews at MSNBC recent admission Chris Mathews of Liberal slanted MSNBC admits that America is "Basically Conservative" where he touts Bill Clinton as a conservative but Clinton only has that view of him because under Clinton in 1994 Republicans took over Congress and as a result under Clinton in 2000 and a Republican led congress we had a budget surplus so Clinton gets the credit for a surplus that if it weren't for a 1994 mid-term blow out of Republicans over Democrats there arguably would be none. See President Obama points us in the right direction as he answers the question: Why should Americans trust Democrats to reduce government spending and debt? 

Another measure could be NBC's poll at Breaking: NBC forced to admit more Americans see the Tea Party as good for America and want ObamaCare repealed according to their own poll that are only 24% Fox News viewers. or Gallup polls shows that Americans are 3 times more likely to view our media as "too liberal" than "too conservative".

And yet another measure when combining all of the above would be 81% of the Tea Party are Christians and 2 times more Americans call themselves conservative Christians than part of the Tea Party. Which may help explain why the turn out for the Restoring Honor rally was much greater than the Tax Payer March on DC this year and the liberal One Nation Rally combined.

Yet another measure could by you as you watch both rallies yourself and decide for yourself.

Restoring Honor Rally

One Nation Rally

But the greatest evidence and measure of where America is at in the mainstream will be at the voter's booth on November 2nd where 10's of millions will be showing up to vote and tell our current Government where exactly America's mainstream is at as in 2008 we were tricked and didn't get what we the mainstream voted for.

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