Update 10/19/2010: Here is another debate from tonight. Further down the post is yet another debate from earlier. Both of these debates are must views. Excellent and highly recommended. You have the best of the Democrats, Republicans and a thrid party. All very able and therefore one of the fairest debates to show what each side is really about in all their strengths. For more political debates to get a further feel of what this November mid-term elections are all about and the clear choices and differences in choices see label . Or start with a very interesting Debate for the Senate in Florida at Watch Florida Senate Debate between Marco Rubio, Kendrick Meek and Charlie Crist

Update: I thought this was one of the better debates so far. You will see a clear difference between limited Government and Big Government politicians. Unfortunately it was 2 to 1 Big Government but none the less with what little the limited Government politician was able to get in it was excellent. This reminded me of the Health Care Summit when Democrats and our President got about 2 to 1 the time but what the Republicans came out on top because all that was said was sound (see Video: Health Care Summit and some comments and analysis). Rubio was sound and made the argument clear to the voters. If you want limited Government Rubio is the guy to go with if you want Big Government politicians Meek and/or Crist is the one to go with.

Below video is the first Senate debate between Marco Rubio (R), Charlie Crist (I) and Kendrick Meek (D). Latest Rasmussen poll results has the race at Rubio 41% Meek 21% and Crist 30%. Rasmussen is ran by a Republican but Pollster.com which is ran by Huffington Post which is a liberal leaning site has the same results. See Pollster.com below.

Go Rubio!!! For more on Rubio and a great speech he made as speaker of the House in Florida see Election Results: Huckabee endorsed Marco Rubio (R) to face Kendrick Meek (D) and Charlie Crist (I)

This is embedded video from CSPAN. For more on CSPAN see Private Sector America gives Americans the transparency they want without media bias for free and without taxation via CSPAN. and for more on liberal media bias see Gallup polls shows that Americans are 3 times more likely to view our media as "too liberal" than "too conservative".  

Latest polls results from Pollster.com which will update live as new poll results come in. As of today it is Rubio 42.1% Meek 21.5% and Crist 29.9%.

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