Update 10/18/2010: Embedded below in second video is the second debate between Rand Paul and Jack Conway where Rand Paul says he will not shake Jack's hand at the end of the debate because of his attacks on his faith and family. Skip through to the concluding remarks for those comments at about 56 minutes. I also included the add that Rand Paul may have been referring to. For those concerned just take a note that Dr James Dobson endorsed Rand Paul and that should settle most questions for Evangelical Christians.

Most recent poll from Rasmussen Reports which is ran by a Republican has Paul (R) at 49% to Conway (D) at 38% as liberal Huffington Post owned Pollster.com concurs with the race little tighter at 47% to 40%. Pollster.com is combination of all recent polls and the Rasmussen Reports last poll was late September. For more political debates to get a further feel of what this November mid-term elections are all about and the clear choices and differences in choices see label . Or start with a very interesting Debate for the Senate in Florida at Watch Florida Senate Debate between Marco Rubio, Kendrick Meek and Charlie Crist

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Here is second debate.

Here is the ad that Rand Paul may have been referring to.

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