Update: Here is embedded video of the hour long hearing from CSPAN.

CSPAN is going to air live the Arizona illegal immigration case before the 9th Circuit court of appeals today at Noon ET. Here are some important links and will try to embed video as soon as it becomes available.

Click here to watch at CSPAN.

Arizona Senate bill 1070.

9th Circuit Court of Appeals website on this case on USA v. State of Arizona, No. 10-16645.

CSPAN has also been covering debate after debate after debate from the House to the Senate to Governor. They just past their 100th debate and all are archived. Unbelievable and it is free via the private sector and not via taxation and further reliance on Government and budget busting deficits and without any advertisements!!! In other words it has been done the American way by relying on the free market and "We the people...".  This truly is an example of a successful free market and "We the people..." as opposed to a Government solution to media bias. But even if we did not have CSPAN we have no media bias problem and see why at Gallup polls shows that Americans are 3 times more likely to view our media as "too liberal" than "too conservative". 

For more political debates to get a further feel of what this November mid-term elections are all about and the clear choices and differences in choices see label . Or start with a very interesting Debate for the Senate in Florida at Watch Florida Senate Debate between Marco Rubio, Kendrick Meek and Charlie Crist

For more on CSPAN see Private Sector America gives Americans the transparency they want without media bias for free and without taxation via CSPAN. By the way check out Breaking: CSPAN to cover live the case between our Government and Arizona on new illegal immigration law.

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