Ironically, it is the White House Daily Briefing on Tax Day 04/15/2009 the date of the Tea Party nationwide protest (video embedded below). Robert Gibbs is asked about the nationwide protest Tea Party protests a number of times. In fact Politics Daily had this to say in an article on this very briefing in a post titled Gibbs: President Looking Out for Tea-Baggers: "The Tax Day Tea Party was the hot topic at today's White House press briefing, where Press Secretary Robert Gibbs fielded 5 questions on the protest...". You can watch the briefing below which has 663,194 views as of 12/31/2010 according to the CSPAN video library. Also see Top 10 most viewed videos on CSPAN in 2010

CSPAN is a great resource to keep a check up on our Government without media bias. For more on that see Private Sector America gives Americans the transparency they want without media bias for free and without taxation via CSPAN. and concerning liberal media bias in America and for more "We the people..." solutions to this issue of media bias besides CSPAN see Gallup polls shows that Americans are 3 times more likely to view our media as "too liberal" than "too conservative"

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