Update: Go to about 22 minutes (the actual gains and losses in the House are at about 24 minutes) with their announcements of which states grew the most and who will be gaining House seats and loosing House seats in Congress. Texas is expected to pick up the most seats in the House with Florida in second as more Republican states grew than Democrat states in population.

Also see Texas big winner in reapportionment sweepstakes and they say where are all the jobs going well could it be Texas? Check out Graph: Texas has created 79% of all US private sector jobs since 2005 says US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Well earned Texas!!! Unbelievable!!! Check out this chart that shows what states are successfully creating American private sector jobs. Governor Perry for President in 2012? The next time somebody asks you where are the Jobs tell them in Texas. They aren't shipping them overseas they are shipping to pro-business and conservative states. Notice that Utah is in second with 5% so that means you can bag 84% of American private sector jobs as created by conservative policy states. Unbelievable... Makes you wonder what states have lost the most jobs. And by the way this is according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Found the graph at Texanomics here. Many more like graphs from multiple angles that prove Texanomics works. This also makes you wonder what our unemployment rate would be with out Texas. Yikes!!! Thank God somebody is making money somewhere to pay off our ever growing monstrosity of a Government.

Also see Texas Economy: Texas has created 70% of all US jobs since 2008. and Texas has no state income tax and its legislature has met only 90 days over the past two years so why are they beating Big Government California hands down? and Texas beating the recession by doing the opposite of what our Government is doing and Dallas is the fastest growing city in the US. Houston has grown at five times the rate of Boston, New York and San Francisco. Texas has created 70% of the jobs in the US since 2008. and Houston vs San Francisco: on taxing the rich and big government. and Video" Governor Perry of Texas rejects $750 million from Federal Government. See letter from Perry to Duncan. and Video: Texas Governor Rick Perry says "This administration...is interested in punishing Texas" and "Time to make Tea Parties twice as big as what they were". Better yet check out label and scroll!!!

Hey I am not even a Texan but rather a New Mexican but Texas has come up in our NM Governor race and I like Texas conservative limited government policies and hope that New Mexico can learn something from our neighbors you can view that post at Diane Denish releases newest attack ad against Susana Martinez connecting her to Texas a state that has created 70% of American jobs since 2007.

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