Click on image above and blow up. This chart shows the ratings of the last State of the Union addresses going back to Clinton. Clinton holds the record with Bush in second and Obama in third. Found chart on Nielsen's blog here.

I personally watched the address on CSPAN but then CSPAN got so clogged with traffic and I don't have the best connection I then headed over to and then headed over to for the Republican responses. Could be the internet is growing in usage.

FoxNews won hands down on the ratings amongst Cable Networks this year.

2011 SOTU Address Ratings:

  • FNC: 4.96M in Total Viewers / 1.634M in A25-54
  • CNN: 2.984M in Total Viewers /1.2M in A25-54
  • MSNBC: 2.504M in Total Viewers / 836K in A25-54
2011 Post-Speech Analysis Ratings:
  • FNC: 5.444M Total Viewers / 1.756M in A25-54
  • CNN: 3.01M in Total Viewers / 1.230M in A25-54
  • MSNBC: 2.357M in Total Viewers / 739K in A25-54

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