Update: If you are looking for John's emotional statements on the House floor concerning the Arizona shooting check out Video: John Boehner's emotional speech on the House floor concerning the AZ Shootings

Update: As noted below here is actual transfer of Speaker of the House with an excellent and respectful introduction by Nancy Pelosi of John Boehner that actually puts him in tears and his excellent address to the House as the new Speaker of the House. Also see John Boehner's infamous "Hell no" speech on the House floor just before ObamaCare passed at Video: Check out three House republican's prophetic speeches on the House floor before before the Tsunami hits the People's House on November 2.

Watch Boehner's address to the House live on CSPAN here. VVN will be embedding video of his speech as it becomes available. Also see Top 10 most viewed videos on CSPAN in 2010 and #1 most viewed video on CSPAN of all time has everything to do with the Tea Party

As you are waiting check out Excellent: New House rules propose a "cut as you go" as opposed to a "pay as you go" policy which makes for one huge difference and Found actual bill to repeal ObamaCare to be debated Friday and voted on the 12th. Also, with a link to the actual resolution to replace ObamaCare with 12 goals in mind. and Found draft for new House rules for 112th Congress to make Government more transparent as promised by Republicans and Republican Marsha Blackburn explains how Republicans will block FCC regulations of the internet or better yet check out VVN's newest label at

CSPAN is a great resource to keep a check up on our Government without media bias or advertsiements. For more on that see Private Sector America gives Americans the transparency they want without media bias for free and without taxation via CSPAN. and concerning liberal media bias in America and for more "We the people..." solutions to this issue of media bias besides CSPAN see Gallup polls shows that Americans are 3 times more likely to view our media as "too liberal" than "too conservative"

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