Speaker of the House Boehner had this post titled FLASHBACK: House GOP, Sept. 29, 2010 – "The Pledge Would Save $100 Billion This Year Compared to the President’s FY11 Request” in which Boehner states and the HR1 bill passed as Republicans unite by a score of 235 to 189.

"The spending cuts in H.R. 1 – the largest discretionary spending cuts in history – actually exceed the commitment made by House Republicans in the Pledge to America, which vowed to pull spending back to pre-stimulus, pre-bailout levels, achieving $100 billion in savings compared to the president’s FY 2011 budget request over the course of a full fiscal year.

The President’s FY 2011 budget request has always been the basis for the $100 billion savings figure in the Pledge to America, which vowed to “cut government spending to pre-stimulus, pre-bailout levels, saving at least $100 billion in the first year alone.”  On September 29, 2010 – just days after the Pledge was unveiled at a lumberyard in Sterling, VA – an official Pledge to America press release from the House Republican leadership noted that the spending cut promised in the Pledge “would save taxpayers $100 billion this year compared to the President’s FY2011 spending request.”  The September 29, 2010 press release has been re-posted here on Speaker Boehner’s website, with the key passage highlighted."

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