Last Week In Review


Polls show positive trend in approval rating of Congress and very positive trend in the new Speaker of the House

Congressional Performance rating still low but moving in the right direction

New Speaker of the House maintains high favorability ratings amongst voters for two months in a row.

Presidents Day: Gallup and Rasmussen concur Reagan the most influential and the greatest President even above Lincoln this year

Wisconsin Showdown Week 2

48% support GOP Governor in Wisconsin as 38% side with Unions

New ad running on Wisconsin TV to Stand with Walker agains Big Government Unions also not that 46% View Unionized Teachers As a Bad Thing, 37% Disagree.

Image: Union protest will cost tax payers $9 million not including clean up

Governor Christie Speech to go with Mike Huckabee's speech

Video: Governor of New Jersey speech at a recent event in Washington DC and Videos: Mike Huckabee on CBNNews and an hour press conference over his new book. "You can't lead unless you have the consent of governed."-Huckabee.


Movie trailer: Of Gods and Men

Obama's leadership rating falls to a new low and check out Obama debating Obama


Planned Parenthood

Video: It's time to stop tax payer funding of the largest abortion provider in the US

Democrat and Planned Parenthood don't get why Americans don't want to fund them via their taxes

Bombs away: Planned Parenthood and Tiller failed to report 164 cases of child statutory rape


Videos: Paul Ryan of Wisconsin explains why jobs are shipped over seas and why investors choose not to invest in America and so much more...

Illegal Immigration

Susana Martinez YouTube Channel: NM House debates Drivers Licenses for Illegal Immigrants

Election Watch

Mike Huckabee: "Here I Stand." and "America,...Do you think this message....?" and if so Huckabee may be a candidate and good one he would make.


Videos: How to cut Government spending via Ronald Reagan, Canada, Slovakia and others

Video: A Reality Check on Big Government and our economy


Video: Tea Party favorite congressman Allen West takes on CAIR in local townhall meeting of some sort


Gay only Bed & Breakfast business owners now under attack in the UK

American Remembrance

Remembering George Washington the "Father of Our Country"

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