Last Week In Review


Showdown in Wisconsin with many videos from Ground Zero

Video: The Myths and the Facts about the Wisconsin protests

Video: Herman Cain's speech in Wisconsin in support of Scott Walker

Video: Breitbart's speech at the Madison, Wisconsin rally in support of Governor Walker

Video: Governor Scott Walker video interview at on the union protest.

Video: Paul Ryan discusses Madison protests in Wisconsin

Liberal Hypocrisy playing out big time in Wisconsin against the GOP

Cartoon: The difference between public sector unions and private sector unions

Video: How public sector unions are making us more reliant on Government?

Cartoon: How about an adult conversation Wisconsin Democrats?


Video: Local News report of boy who had near death experience and comes back to write a book about it and is a New York Times best seller

Tim Hawkins: Who sets us free?


GOP Watch

House Republicans unite to pass the largest discretionary spending cuts in history keeping their Pledge to America by a vote of 235 to 189

Defunding of Planned Parenthood passed by a vote of 240 to 185 in the House

Video: Mike Pence speech on House floor to defund Planned Parenthood

Breaking: House votes to block funding of "Net Neutrality" 244-181

Boehner: "Read my lips. We are going to cut spending."

John Boehner: "the president is elected to lead ... and if he won't, we will."

Paul Ryan on Good Morning America and his opening statements on the Budget Committee

Obama Watch

Video: You could by every Wal Mart in the world 15 times over with our President's budget of $3.7 trillion.

Video: 3 reasons why the Obama budget will NOT win the future.

Video: This Budget Never, Ever, Ever Reduces the Debt, Is that Right?

Obama Budget will double the National Debt in 10 years. Unbelievable...

National Debt now equals 103% of the ENTIRE US ECONOMY and won't be going down any time soon


Video: Richard Dreyfuss interview at CPAC

Couple honored for "longest married" in New Mexico for 82 years


UK mom refuses Dr's advice to abort after being diagnosed with cancer at 21 weeks


Chart: Actual Unemployment Rate vs Democrat Projection with Stimulus


Susana Martinez maintains outstanding approval numbers of New Mexico Governor after her first month in office according to PPP.

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