Voters in Wisconsin do not seem to be approving of Governor Walker's position on collective bargaining for public employee unions and appears to be the reason why Walker is losing in public opinion in Wisconsin. Now nationwide American voters are split see exposes bias in CBS/New York Times poll and new independent Quinnipiac Poll justifies for more on that.

Here is the evidence from a non-liberal polling group in Rasmussen which is ran by Scott Rasmussen a Republican. In poll released today Walker only has a 43% approval rating in Wisconsin and also see yesterday's post at A second non-liberal poll confirms that voters in Wisconsin oppose weakening collective bargaining rights that showed two non-liberal polls from Rasmussen and Dick Morris that the suggests what is making Walker unpopular is the collective bargaining issue.

However, Rasmussen also released today that Wisconsin supports reducing the deficit via spending cuts alone and not a mixture of spending cuts and tax increases by a score of 44% to 33%.

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