Bill passed 335-91. $1.24 billion by terminating programs in FY 2011 that President Obama had proposed eliminating in 2012 and by defunding $2.7 billion in earmarks.

This will prevent a Government shutdown at the end of this week and Democrats wanted to continue spending at the current levels but Republicans are requiring budget cuts. This will only give them another 2 weeks to debate before causing another Government shut down on the 18th. I believe Republicans came up with the 4 billion in cuts by pro-rating the already passed $100 billion budget cut bill from a couple of weeks ago. If you take $100 billion that the House passed in budget cuts and divide that by 52 weeks in a year you get about $2 billion a week and thus the $4 billion cuts for the next two weeks.

CSPAN is reporting that Reid will bring it up for a vote and expects President Obama to sign it. Hold tight for the next showdown on March 18th or rather shutdown.

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