Last Week In Review


Huckabee takes a 7 point lead over Romney

Huckabee takes his biggest lead yet and takes a 7 point lead over Romney if Palin drops out according to Gallup's recent poll and Video: Huckabee on Charlie Rose about his latest book "A Simple Government" and Huckabee on Spending vs Investing via the Government and Mike Huckabee on CSPAN for a 40 minute interview about his New York Times best selling book "A Simple Government"

Detroit and liberal politics of tax the rich kills jobs and causing many to flee

What happens when a city buys the liberal dream? Just ask Detroit as a quarter of a million flee and check out Video: Two charts that prove historically that spending cuts equals jobs

Apple doesn't like the ex-gay Christian community apparently

Apple descriminates against people of faith on the iphone yet once again


House Speaker John Boehner earns his highest positive rating to date


Video: Florida pastor burns the Koran after all

Margaret Thatcher and Abraham Lincoln on Socialism

Same Sex Marriage

New HIV infections almost double in past 10 years says Health Protection Agency in the UK


Read John Boehner's letter to the President concerning the military action in Libya


92% of French women consider abortion traumatic and 82% said they believe that legalizing abortions liberate women from unwanted pregnancies as contraceptives increased the need for abortions in Spain

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