A new Poll from Fairleigh Dickinson PublicMind 2012 shows once again Huckabee fairs best up against Obama. They are dead even at 46%. Romney comes in second as Romney has 43% and Obama 44% in a head to head match up.

But check this out. Amongst the all important Independents Huckabee takes out Obama by a score of 49% to 40% while Mitt Romney again looses by a point to Obama amongst Independents by a score of 45% to 44%.

Also just released a couple of days ago was a Gallup poll showing Huckabee once again leading in a positive intensity score. For more on that see Poll Watch: Gallup 2012 Republican Name Recognition/Positive Intensity Survey. For prior survey and discussion that applies to this latest survey see Gallup: Huckabee up by +8 over Gingrich, Palin and Romney in a "positive intensity" poll

For more on VVN's favorite Mike Huckabee see Huckabee takes his biggest lead yet and takes a 7 point lead over Romney if Palin drops out according to Gallup's recent poll and  Video: Huckabee on Charlie Rose about his latest book "A Simple Government" and  Huckabee on Spending vs Investing via the Government and Huckabee on True Self Government a theme of his recent book which has been #2 on a New York Times best seller list for the last two weeks and running and Mike Huckabee on CSPAN for a 40 minute interview about his New York Times best selling book "A Simple Government" and Huckabee book to get an upgrade in classifaction on the New York Times best seller list from "How to.." list to "Non-fiction" best seller list

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