And I suppose the experts must be bigots, discriminators and haters for noting that about 80% of all cases are amongst homosexual men or men who have sex with other men. And I suppose that the UK Blood Transfusion and Tissue Transplantation Services are discriminating against homosexuals cause they won't take their blood as donations regardless if they wear condoms. And I suppose that Dr John Dean and Dr David Delvin who have warned that the practice of anal sex carries a greater risk of spreading sexually transmitted infections than almost any other type of sexual activity are bigots and discriminators.

No not all. If they care they will risk being called such names. For more on that see CDC Chart: The dangers of Gay Sex even with a condom and are we bigots to be concerned and Gay sex stats by pro-gay group in Canada reveals gay sex increases health care costs...and link to ex-gay testimony here... and HIV infections soaring among gay men in first country to legalize gay marriage the Netherlands

Now for the latest from The Christian Institute in an article titled New HIV infections nearly double in past ten years

"There are approximately 30,800 MSM living with HIV in the UK and of these it is estimated that nearly 9,000 are unaware that they are infected.

Medical experts say that anal intercourse is, by its nature, one of the most risky forms of sexual activity.

Sexual health specialists Dr John Dean and Dr David Delvin have warned that the practice carries a greater risk of spreading sexually transmitted infections than almost any other type of sexual activity....

Last September a study showed that rates of HIV in France were 200 times higher in homosexual men than among heterosexuals.

Scientists from the French National Institute for Public Health Surveillance found that nearly half of the 7,000 people newly infected with HIV in the country in 2008 were gay men.

Stephane le Vu, who led the research, said HIV transmission “seems to be out of control” among MSM...

Also in September a separate survey revealed that MSM were fuelling HIV infections in Europe.

Belgian researchers examined 500 patients who had recently been diagnosed with HIV, and discovered that most of the infections were among young white MSM.

The research, conducted by scientists from Ghent University, also revealed that these men were more likely to have contracted other sexually transmitted infections such as syphilis...."

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