Democrat House Speaker Ben Lujan walked off the House floor as he determined that the "ayes" beat the "nays" by a voice vote as Republicans were objecting asking for a roll-call vote to tally the vote up. You tell me in video below who won the oral vote!!

Now what was the bill being brought to the floor by Republicans all about? It is a bill that failed to pass committee but the House can bring a bill that failed in committee to the House floor for an up or down vote for consideration by the House. The bill is a very popular bill amongst New Mexicans which would ban the issuing of drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants. In New Mexico anybody can get a drivers license without proving they are US citizens. The rest of the US probably thinks this is absurd. So do a majority of New Mexicans. 72% of voters polled this last election oppose tax payers funding the licenses of undocumented immigrants.

For more on both sides of the issue see Susana Martinez YouTube Channel: NM House debates Drivers Licenses for Illegal Immigrants

Newly elected Republican Governor Susana Martinez made these statements concerning last night's events:

“It’s outrageous that Speaker Ben Luján broke House rules to block an up-or-down vote on the bill to repeal driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants,” Martinez told “It’s tactics like this that cause the public to lose faith in its elected leaders.”

“Come tomorrow morning, every House member will make a choice – either stand with Speaker Luján and support driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants, or stand with New Mexicans and repeal this dangerous law,” Martinez said.

So apparently they are going to have a vote tomorrow.

Found most of the quotes and video plus information relied upon at in article titled Luján delays attempt to hear driver’s license bill

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