Now this does have to pass the Senate also so keep a watch.

What is interesting about this bill is that it died in committee but Nunez (I) did what is call a "blast-out" which allows a bill that died to be brought to the floor if a majority of the House votes to bring it to the floor anyways. The vote to bring the bill to the floor was close at 36-34. For more on that see Governor Susana Martinez of NM applaudes the tri-partisan NM House "blast-out" efforts to ensure an up-or-down vote and debate on a bill banning driver's licenses for illegal immigrants

What I also found interesting is that 6 new democrats jumped on board as they were forced to do an actual up or down vote on the issue. How you want to interpret that I will leave to the reader. Click here for the actual vote tally of the bill's passage yesterday. According to Susana Martinez the only two Democrats who voted in the first 36-34 vote to bring the bill to the floor was Rep. Dona Irwin (D-Deming) and Rep. Sandra Jeff.

Here is Governor Susana Martinez press release concerning the passage of the bill.

Today, the will of the people of New Mexico was heard in the House of Representatives,” said Governor Martinez. “Despite numerous procedural schemes to defend the status quo, a broad coalition of Republicans, Democrats, and the House’s lone Independent came together to stand with an overwhelming majority of New Mexicans who want to see the dangerous practice of issuing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants overturned. I hope the Senate will also listen to the people of New Mexico and give this bill an up-or-down vote.”

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