Update: Watch the full 2 hour interview unedited here. So much for AP article check out AP Smears Hero O’Keefe – Claims NPR Video Was “Heavily Edited”

Update: Breaking: NPR board ousts Vivian Schiller


Unbelievable. Defund NPR.... Now we know why NPR is so "intellectual". Watch the whole video for more of what this NPR executive thinks of a majority of America and others. Unbelievable... The context is telling also. He is siding with this Muslim group over Americans. Disgusting... Sure Muslim Americans have a role to play in America too but at the expense of a majority of Americans who happen to be conservative, come on.

This is "anti-intellectual" or in this guys view I suppose this is "intellectual". Talk about twisted.

Also see Obama Budget will double the National Debt in 10 years. Unbelievable...

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