This from the Speaker's blog. If you add up all the cuts and the lump 2.6 trillion of ObamaCare there is almost 3 trillion in cuts they have voted yeah on in the House.

Posted by Don Seymour on March 18, 2011

Republicans pledged to listen to the American people and make the spending cuts economists say we need to end the uncertainty facing job creators so they can start hiring again – and they’re keeping that pledge. The Democrats who run Washington, meanwhile, are divided and “haven’t outlined what specific cuts they’d prefer” nor “put forward a long-term spending plan.”
As Speaker Boehner said yesterday, “If we want our economy to start creating jobs again, we can’t duck our responsibility to rein in the runaway government spending that is spreading uncertainty in our country and crowding out private investment.” With that in mind, here’s a quick look at some of the spending cuts House Republicans have approved so far in the first few months of the 112th Congress:
  • The House then cut another $6 billion and eliminated more than 20 federal programs, bringing the total signed by the president to $10 billion in real cuts over just five weeks. Charles Krauthammer called this “real money” and Fred Barnes said, “Republicans are winning and getting the spending cut”;
  • The House voted to save taxpayers $1 billion by shutting down an ineffective Dodd-Frank program under which taxpayers will lose 98 cents of every dollar spent;
  • The House voted this week to save taxpayers $1 billion by terminating a costly taxpayer-funded bailout program – this one also included in the Democrats’ job-crushing Dodd-Frank regulations bill;
And there are more cuts to come. For example, the House will soon vote to slash ObamaCare’s mandatory spending slush funds. On The Laura Ingraham Show last month, Speaker Boehner said Republicans are doing “everything we can … to make sure that there's no money for ObamaCare.” And House Republicans will unveil a budget within the next few weeks that will lead where the president failed and takes on the entitlement spending that is driving our job-crushing debt burden.  As Speaker Boehner said yesterday, “If the president and his party won’t lead, we will.”

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