Voters in Wisconsin according to Rasmussen oppose Governor Scott Walker's plan to weaken collective bargaining "rights" for public employee unions by a score of 52% to 39%. It appears to be the most controversial part of Governor Walker's budget. Even nationwide it appears to be an even split amongst voters and more unpopular when including the general public for more on that see exposes bias in CBS/New York Times poll and new independent Quinnipiac Poll justifies

This is the second non-liberal poll to confirm these results of Wisconsin voters. The first was from Dick Morris who claims he "has done polling for 30 Senators and Governors and 14 presidents or prime ministers in foreign countries". His result was a similar result of 54% to 41%. An interesting find from that poll was that "If the issues to be taken off the bargaining table are related to giving schools flexibility to modify tenure, pay teachers based on merit, discharge bad teachers and promote good ones, however, they support such limits on collective bargaining by 58-38."

He concludes that "Voters back the principal of collective bargaining. But they are also willing to limit these negotiations so that they would not impede education reforms."

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