The Senate has followed the lead of the House for yet another temporary bill to fund the Government for another 3 weeks. This time it was $6 billion in cuts which brings the total for the past 5 weeks to $10 billion. It passed by a vote of 87-13.

House Republicans promised to cut the budget by $100 billion off of Obama's proposed budget of last year which never got passed. They have been pro-rating that $100 billion dollars into about $2 billion a week so for the last 5 weeks we have a total of $10 billion in cuts.

The first temporary billed passed the House by a vote of 335-91 this time it passed the House by a vote of 271-158.

The Senate can't agree on a budget largely because of division amongst Democrats. Actually the House bill got more votes than the Democrat proposal. They now have another three weeks to pass a budget that was suppose to be passed last year. We are now finding out why they couldn't pass a budget last year. The Democrats are not united on the budget when they controlled both Houses and the White House how much less are they going to side with Republicans on the budget.

Is it going to take 2012 to pass a budget? Unbelievable.... See Video: Why responsible Americans need to elect a new responsible President in 2012? and a new Senate. For my favorite so far check out Huckabee on True Self Government a theme of his recent book which has been #2 on a New York Times best seller list for the last two weeks and running

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