Last Week In Review

Headlines gets it wrong about the center of the Bible and check this out is wrong about the center of the Bible and there is something peculiar about the middle verses of the Bible

A homosexual atheist historian defends Christians on BBC

A homosexual and an atheist I like: Historian David Starkey on BBC defends Christians

Should Christians be able to foster care? UK court says not if they believe marriage is to be between a man and a woman.

Government Unions 101

Video: Government Union Collective Bargaining 101

Fact Sheet: Government Unions 101: What Public-Sector Unions Won't Tell You

Polls exposes bias in CBS/New York Times poll and new independent Quinnipiac Poll justifies  

Governor Walker of Wisconsin approval ratings slip and appears to be over the collective bargaining issue

A second non-liberal poll confirms that voters in Wisconsin oppose weakening collective bargaining rights



24 of the trapped Chilean miners get baptized in the Jordan

Video: Check out what God is doing in Brazilian voters and check out the crowds

Same Sex Marriage

Video: James Lankford on the House floor on our President's refusal to defend DOMA

Global Warming or Global Cooling or the convenient Climate Change (whose going to deny that right).

President Obama's top scientist on trial in Senate hearing over global cooling

Mortgage Crisis

Watch Hearing on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: Finally Democrats, Republicans and the White House agree that Government needs to get out of the mortgage industry

Bill Watch

GOP spending bill passes Senate 91-9. Watch Boehner and McConnell press conference

House passes $4 billion dollars in Budget cuts for the next two weeks by a bi-partisan vote of 335-91

GOP Watch

Video: Paul Ryan explains with great charts the challenges in just the first 5 months of 2011

Video: Boehner's speech at the National Religious Broadcasters' annual convention "Let us Pray..."

Video: Tim Scott on the House floor arguing against ObamaCare


Video: Report on GAO report that Government spends $200 billion on duplicate programs

Video: State Budget Showdown coming to a state near you


Video link to Scott Walker's budget address here

Videos: Scott Walker takes on our President for a second time

Planned Parenthood

Video: Check Planned Parenthood's new $200,000 ad. They still don't get it....

Bill Watch

NM House passes bill which intends to ban illegal immigrants from getting a NM driver's license by a tri-partisan vote of 42-28.

Link to NM House debate "blast-out" bill to ban driver's licenses for illegal immigrants

Governor Susana Martinez of NM applaudes the tri-partisan NM House "blast-out" efforts to ensure an up-or-down vote and debate on a bill banning driver's licenses for illegal immigrants

Watch debate live: NM House debates bill to end undocumented immigrants from getting a NM divers license

Democrat Speaker of the House in NM caught on the run over bill to stop Drivers Licenses for undocumented immigrants

Values Voter News Stats

Values Voter News stats for February of 2011

Values Voter News visitors rated posts "Excellent" for February of 2011


Recent study out of Europe of 2000 young Germans over 10 years concludes smoking cannabis "doubles risk of psychosis"

Election Watch

Huckabee 2012 update: Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows Huckabee in the lead over Romney by 5% as leading GOP candidate

Liberal Media Bias

Mayor in Providence, Rhode Island who fired all its school teachers is a Democrat not a Republican as reported by liberal NBC

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