Here is a quick local news report on the bill.

Here is a report from that it wasn't easy.

"....The bill will provide $111 million toward funding the appropriations bill lawmakers sent the governor late Wednesday.

The original vote on concurring with Senate changes to House Bill 628 was 30-38, so the bill was thought to be going back to the Senate to see if that chamber would recede from its changes.

Instead, House Speaker Ben Luján held the bill while he and others worked to flip votes. Thursday night, the House concurred with the changes on a vote of 35-34.

The governor had threatened earlier Thursday to veto the entire budget if lawmakers didn’t balance it. She did that in an interview with KOB-TV.

“This isn’t Washington D.C., and I’m not going to sign an unbalanced budget bill. Period,” she said."

Check out this new video about the budget battles going on across the nation. You can mark New Mexico off the list for now. There are more years to come but year one down in NM.

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