Michele in the latest Gallup poll was up there with Huckabee on what Gallup called a "positive intensity" score (see Gallup: Huckabee up by +8 over Gingrich, Palin and Romney in a "positive intensity" poll). But overall is well behind Gingrich, Palin, Romney and Huckabee. I have yet to see a poll on how a match up between Michele and Obama would play out but Huckabee has consistently faired well against Obama.

In below video which I have yet to watch but according to CSPAN she announced she will not decide till early summer. Michele's speeches are usually great. Enjoy...

For some other recent polls and for VVN's favorite so far and for why see Huckabee 2012 update: Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows Huckabee in the lead over Romney by 5% as leading GOP candidate and maybe even more importantly check out this poll at Huckabee sweeps Romney and Palin amongst Moderate, Conservative and Tea Party Republicans in latest CNN poll. Not only that but Huckabee consistently polls the best up against Obama.

Also see Videos: Mike Huckabee on CBNNews and an hour press conference over his new book. "You can't lead unless you have the consent of governed."-Huckabee. and Mike Huckabee: "Here I Stand." and "America,...Do you think this message....?" and if so Huckabee may be a candidate and good one he would make.

A Simple Government: Twelve Things We Really Need from Washington (and a Trillion That We Don't!)Check out this page from Huckabee's latest book in which he declares where he stands on the issues (see his public conference about the release of this book at Mike Huckabee: "Here I Stand." and "America,...Do you think this message....?" and if so Huckabee may be a candidate and good one he would make.) This is from page 25 from chapter 1 under the subtitle of True Self Government (Click on image to the left to purchase this #2 on the New York Times best seller under How to/Hardcover as of today 03/13/2011 and for the next two weeks as of date 03/20/2011).

He states concerning this principle of true self government that "You will recognize this theme throughout this book..." this them of self government.

   "Further, as I've thoroughly outlined in a previous book, Do the Right Thing, the very best form of government is self government. It's the goal that every honorable leader should seek to implement for his or her followers. In the family, a good parent builds independence in his or her children, not dependence. I can't imagine that a parent would feel successful if a forty-year-old child was still living at home and was unable to balance a checkbook, wash his own laundry, clean up his own room, drive himself to do errands, or responsibly find a job or income to pay his part of the freight. The idea of a child's remaining permanently dependent on parents is heartbreaking. By the same token, the pastors' making parishioners solely dependent upon the church ministry is the antithesis of New Testament Christianity. Instead, the Scriptures make clear that the pastor's role is to equip saints or the parishioners to do the work of ministry as individuals. A church that provides only a forum for the pastor's ideas and encourages worshippers to follow him or her without becoming directly and personally involved in some type of genuine, living ministry to others is not even close to biblical norm of the purpose of church.
   "Finally, when politicians encourage people to become increasingly dependent upon them and the government programs they create, they've violated those people's sovereignty and autonomy as individuals. You will recognize this theme throughout this book, for I firmly believe that such abandonment of personal responsibility can lead the destruction of our nation. We must be on guard: Whether we are talking about parents, pastors, or politicians, the goal should never be to create dependence on a leader or a government program; the aim should be to nurture independence that will empower and equip, not enslave."

Watch Paul Ryan defend these principles on the House floor for 20 seconds in the context of the budget.

And if you want to watch more here is another 5 minutes that applies with the above in mind. There is a cost to pay for abandoning the principle of true self government. This reminds me of when the people of Israel wanted a king like the other nations and rejected personal responsibility before God. God then warned them what would happen and it's happening in America today.

Also see Video: Why responsible Americans need to elect a new responsible President in 2012? and One nation under God and what does it matter? and Cartoons and charts exposing economic consequences for America's straying from our "In God we trust" roots and label .

"America needs God more than God needs America, If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a Nation gone under."

"Abraham Lincoln once said, "I would be the most foolish person on this footstool earth if I believed for one moment that I could perform the duties assigned to me without the help of one who is wiser than all." I know that in the days to come and the years ahead there are going to be many times when there will only be one set of footprints in my life. If I did not believe that, I could not face the days ahead."

Ronald Reagan

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