Also see below links and this one here at Video: Check Planned Parenthood's new $200,000 ad. They still don't get it.... where this questions was asked: "If it is all about women's health and not abortions then why is Planned Parenthood willing to sacrifice women's health over abortion."

In this post we can ask a further question: "If it is about mammograms then why doesn't Planned Parenthood offer them at their Planned Parenthood clinics." Not only that but there is a lot of evidence that abortions produce a greater risk to breast cancer. For more on how abortions are not a healthy choice for many women see label

Also see Video: Why defund Planned Planned Parenthood? and New TV ad with Abby Johnson to defund Planned Parenthood and Video: Planned Parenthood activists take to the streets and reveal what they are all about

And also to prove that VVN doesn't hate women and most pro-lifers aren't out to get women check out label Post Abortive Testimonies and especially do not miss the real life testimony of the very Roe of Roe v Wade and how she found forgiveness in Christ at Testimony of the very Roe of Roe v Wade after finding forgiveness in Christ for her sins. Once abortion activist now trying to reverse Roe v Wade

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