So far I like Huckabee. See Huckabee 2012 update: Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows Huckabee in the lead over Romney by 5% as leading GOP candidate and Huckabee sweeps Romney and Palin amongst Moderate, Conservative and Tea Party Republicans in latest CNN poll and Videos: Mike Huckabee on CBNNews and an hour press conference over his new book. "You can't lead unless you have the consent of governed."-Huckabee. and Mike Huckabee: "Here I Stand." and "America,...Do you think this message....?" and if so Huckabee may be a candidate and good one he would make.

Also for why we need to oust Obama see Obama's record February deficit eclipses the deficit under Bush for the entire 2007 year. Unbelievable.... and Video: Michele Bachmann exposes $105 billion stashed away in ObamaCare and demands it be given back or just let the graph below speak for itself.

He may be well intended but somebody has got to start saying no to new programs like ObamaCare and not only that but has got to start saying no to current programs or in the end our children will be paying dearly for it.

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